First preloved bag - Givenchy Bambi Antigona Shopper Tote


Aug 14, 2016
Brisbane, Australia
Finally receive my first ever preloved bag from IG: lovelotsluxury based in Singapore. Never dare to purchase anything preloved before and after hesitating for a while I took the plunge to purchase this Bambi shopper tote and I cannot wait to find a chance to use it amidst the current situation. It’s near new apart from some superficial white marks from storage (the pouch was not used at all) I guess...came with dust bag & tags. Courier was pricey but it’s DHL which is why I had to factor in the price but since it’s limited edition from a few years back and I never seen one in such great condition..It’s one of the few bags which I have purchased during this period...

Does any of you own it? 669833D5-695B-4722-A2A5-60821C691947.jpeg