first prada

  1. went to HK last weekend and fell in love with this.... i must say it's love at first sight as i did not go through the evaluation process i normally do when making a bag purchase... it's my first prada and i am very happy with it as i can use it as a hand bag and a body bag as well... i can use it both to work and when i go malling to go malling... i like that it brightens whatever outfit i have on...i just hope it's durable though....
  2. sorry for the bathroom background...
  3. Congratulations! Really lovely colour!
  4. Thanks LVuittonLuvr!
  5. WOOOW! The color is LOVELY!
  6. So many first Prada's this past week....congrats & welcome to the club! Your bag is super pretty...great color!
  7. thanks molliekatt and forevelove510!!! im really loving this papaya!
  8. Love the Papaya color! Beautiful bag! Congrats!
  9. This is so pretty! How much did it cost?;)
  10. Thanks Bibao! It's HK$ 13650.00.... The mustard and the red ones are also nice! :smile:
  11. Thanks! Go ahead prehand! I think you can never go wrong with Prada!
  12. Thanks! :biggrin:
  13. i love it!! the color is amazing too :smile:
  14. lovely bag, congratz!
  15. thank you!