First Prada

  1. I decided recently that I may be ready to venture into the land of Prada. Prada psycho was by my side yesterday as I perused Neiman's in Charlotte trying to decide which bag I wanted. I couldn't make up my mind, but one black leather bag caught my eye (this was after you left PP, I saw N as I was leaving and she called me back over to talk to me about the tote we originally saw in Bob Ellis). The bag is a soft calfskin tote. I have posted the link to the Neiman's site. My problem is that I want a basic, classic Prada bag. However this seems like it would be found in the sales bin at our local Of fSaks store in a year or so and cost much less. Please give me your opinions on what you think of this bag. I'm really torn about it and can't decide what to do.
  2. I love that bag!!! :tup:
  3. I like this bag. I think it's very classy looking and the hardware details really complete the look. Are you saying that you think it's cheap looking?
  4. No I don't think it is cheap looking.

    Thanks for your opinions ladies.:yes:
  5. I LOVE that bag too!!!!!!! i don't think it will end up in a sales bin lol.....Are you getting it?
  6. This bag is very pretty. I think it is a good choice.
  7. Hey NG! I KNEW you'd go back to Prada!! :roflmfao:

    Among the three bags you looked at while I was there, this would be the one I see you with. Absolutely!! Clean lines, uncluttered, fits your style sensibilities to a T. I actually was considering it for myself when I was shopping for a fall bag, but it's a big too big for me.

    As far as the "on sale" question, you're definitely right. Prada does put things on sale with great prices, but not when they are popular bags that sell out quickly. I'm on the fence about this particular bag with that question though. It's popular and it's got the KILLA train tag on it, so it might go either way: sell out or on sale in January/February. It would be a shame to risk losing it, if you really love it.

    I think for the price though you can't go wrong. It's a timeless style, it's calfskin (and it's the same leather as my "choo choo" hobo so I KNOW the leather is TDF!) and the leather is a lot more durable than you'd think by feeling it.

    IMHO this is the best choice for you to dip your toes into the water of Prada. You won't be disappointed with this bag. :yes:

    What a hoot: The H Queen goes Prada and Prada Psycho goes H! :yahoo:
  8. Very nice bag!
  9. I really like the bag. PP is right, the leather is truly TDF and you can smell it a mile away! I love that about Prada leather. I was smelling my new bag all the way to the doc's office this am!

    I think you should take the plunge. It has classic lines that seem to be timeless. As far as this bag going on sale, I don't foresee it. You might regret waiting and not be able to get it later if you wait. :graucho:
  10. I totally love it too!!!
  11. Nice bag!
  12. You all are making me feel better. I'm going to go ahead and take the plunge.

    PP you know my taste in bags well don't you? :smile:
  13. :yahoo: Yay! Take the plunge and post pics of the wonderful bag when you get her!!!

    I'm sure you won't be disappointed. I just love the train tag too! I love looking at mine!
  14. GO FOR IT!!
    Its a great bag and I really dont think it will b a sale item.....
  15. NG, you're really making your way around these forums today. I love that bag.

    Sounds like you guys had a great day shopping.