First Prada - Saffiano? Prada Panier???

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  1. Hi all! Just wanted to ask your opinions for those who have owned any Prada bags (this is going to be my first piece).

    Is the Saffiano durable? Please post some photos of the corners/wear and tear if you've got any! The people around me don't carry Prada and I will be relying on you guys.

    Also, I'm looking to get this Panier bag (or bucket bag as some YouTubers call it). I've seen it in stores and I'm planning to get the M size. Does anyone have this particular model? And if so, can I please have some reviews on it? Can't seem to find comprehensive ones.

    Screen Shot 2019-10-04 at 12.01.18 AM.png
  2. I don't have the Panier, so I can't comment on it.
    But the Saffiano leather is indeed extremely hard-wearing and can withstand some serious abuse, that's why it's so popular :smile: It doesn't quite feel like good quality leather, though. You can definitely tell it's leather, and it does feel nice to the touch, but you won't get that luxurious feel other Prada leathers have. So there's that.

    The only Prada in Saffiano leather I have is quite old, so there is some corner and handle wear, of course. But I wouldn't say it's bad. It held up really nice. I can't comment on whether the quality is the same as it used to be back when my bag was made, though.
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  3. You're spot on. Older Prada saffiano bags were workhorses that you had to make an effort damage. Fast forward to the saffiano of the past ten years (give or take). Prada quality is in the toilet and saffiano bags in particular are the worse. The demand that spun off the clamoring for saffiano bags had Prada cranking out bags at warp speed and totally ignoring quality control. To add insult to injury, the price of Prada bags has gone into the ridiculous realm.

    There are numerous threads here about the bad quality of Prada's saffiano line. I recommend the OT search up some before committing to a new Prada saffiano bag.
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  4. Thank you for commenting on this topic, Prada Psycho. It's a shame, really, I know Prada is not the only luxury brand doing this, but it sucks that they're choosing quick money over quality and brand reputation.
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  5. Thanks for the replies! It’s a pity that the quality has gone down significantly... I wish I was born like, 10 years earlier. Unfortunately, I just started working and getting into luxury, and I really wanted a workhorse leather that isn’t too heavy.

    Currently all my bags are either too heavy or not functional in terms of bringing around the items I need - which was why I was looking into Prada. The Galleria I understand has been a classic but at the size I need, it gets pretty heavy. I do like this model as it can fit my iPad and daily essentials, but at the same time it’s not restrictive and I carry it out on a normal basis. The Panier is also much lighter than the Galleria, but that’s also because of the structure and how thin it is.

    Do any of you have other recommendations or thoughts? I would love to hear them!
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    I still love Prada bags and the ones I have, largely saffiano bags, managed to hold up quite well. I agree that the Galleria is heavy and I avoid taking these bags when I’m traveling for business. In fact, my go-to bag for business travel has been a Vitello Daino bag that looks similar to the “Leather Bag” but with an open pocket in the front.

    Regarding Saffiano bags, I recently added the Small Matinée and the Medium Double Bag to my collection. The Double Bag is similar to the Panier bag but I find it more handy (thicker handles) and is better for organizing my items due to the 2 inner compartments. Definitely lighter than similar sized Galleria.

    On the other hand, the bag that I just LOVE and surprisingly does not feel heavy despite carrying all my electronics, is the Matinée bag. Have a look at it. It’s a saffiano bag and price point is reasonable. I personally think the style is beautiful.

    The Medium Double Bag

    The Small Matinée bag
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  7. They’re both gorgeous! I was thinking of the double bag as it’s more a classic shape, but I did want something that could kind of transition. Plus it was too big for my everyday work use (I just carry an iPad and daily essentials) and I didn’t want the added weight to it.

    I was looking at the Matinee but was worried it might be too trendy and that it would be easy for things to slip out of the corners. I haven’t had time to try the Matinee on yet!

    Is the Panier not Saffiano?
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    Hi! Yes, the Panier is saffiano. Sorry if I had given any impression that it’s not. It is a very nice bag and can make a great first bag. I just personally prefer the stronger/wider straps found on Double and Matinée bags.

    Regarding the Double bag, it’s possible that the small one could work well for you. It should technically be large enough to carry your iPad plus essentials. I opted for the medium as I wanted the extra room to tote my designer heels to work. :smile:

    Concerning the Small Matinée, fitting an iPad in it was also a criteria for me. I tested it out initially at the Prada store with one of the store’s iPad. As reference, here is a picture of the Matinée holding a 9.7” iPad (including external keyboard), a small notebook, and all my essentials. :biggrin:
    front view with items within

    Please let us know which bag you decide to purchase in the end. I truly believe you can’t go wrong with a nice Prada. :heart:
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  9. I just bought a Prada Panier in saffiano yesterday with my sister in the bordeaux color, so can't speak to wear and tear just yet! However, the bag felt hearty to the touch. Plus, the Panier has rounded edges as opposed to sharp/square, so this could make a difference in terms of how quickly wear will show on the corners. Overall I think it is an extremely functional bag in a durable leather. Doesn't feel as nice or luxurious to the touch as a smooth calf leather, but it seemed well made and resistant to all sorts of things. It is a nice modern shape while still retaining some classic qualities. Plus it fits all the essentials without getting too heavy, as it is very lightweight when empty. Hope that helps!
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  10. Thanks for all your help! I’ll definitely check the Matinee out. I do have to add an iPad in for work, I’ve got 2 Max-sized iPhones and I do like carrying a small brolly as well. From your photos it seems like the perfect size. I’ll also reconsider the double.

    For now I’m a little stuffed up with work to go down and look at the bag but I’ll definitely update when I do! Thank you so much for all your help!
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  11. Thank you for your reply!

    Ohhh! Black and Bordeaux was in my considerations! I was worried about black because the inner leather is red and I have seen a little bit of colour transfer before. Do update on the wear and tear of your Bordeaux!
  12. I have saffiano for 2 years.. dropped and scratched in the middle of manhattan.. not a scratch... saffiano wallet I used everyday, held amazing including corners.. I was a teenager 10 years ago.. so I can't compare the quality but Prada saffiano is my fav so far.
    We can't say the same thing for LV mono canvas >.<
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