First Prada Reveal!

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  1. Anybody around? :loveeyes:
  2. Nobody? :smile:
  3. :d
  4. I'm here. Are you going to finish the reveal?
  5. Yes I am :smile: Here it is! This was advertised as a wallet but I think I'll be using it more as a clutch! I love it! :graucho:
  6. Nice!! Congrats!
  7. Thanks so much :smile:
  8. Very nice! Congrats! I think it will look nice as a clutch.
  9. Thanks! I think that's what I'll end up using it for, it's a bit big to be a wallet and doesn't have any credit card slots :smile:
  10. Super cool! Congrats!
  11. Thanks! Cool & hot! (Ha ha ha)
  12. Haha definitely :biggrin:
  13. o wow, love it!
  14. Thanks! :smile: Can't wait to use it myself.
  15. Nice!