First Prada piece... Falling apart after 24 hours!!!

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  1. A while ago I got this piece authenticated, it was from eBay. I saw the black version at Saks and found this online for about half the price. I got it yesterday morning and was super excited! Unfortunately, after less than a day of use, There are already loose threads and lots of scratches on the hardware... Plus, maybe I am a little too picky, but the triangle logo is just a tad bit tilted...

    The area of main concern is the little strap that extends to hold my keys. The leather is already peeling, and there are two loose threads, one on each end... the rest of the threading looks loose and like its about to come off soon... I know there is alot of friction at this particular area since it rubs against the edge of the pouch, but I didn't expect it to fall apart this fast! At the rate it is going, it will have completely unattached by the end of the week

    I was also kind of surprised the zipper seemed a bit cheap to me...

    I am really disappointed in this because I was deciding whether to get the LV cles or this piece. I wanted some variety in my collection so I went with this one. I got it off eBay so I can't return it, especially now that I've used it. I was wondering if there is anything I can do about this? or If I have just thrown a hundred bucks down the drain. :tdown:

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  2. Here are some more pictures of my main concern... :crybaby:

    As you can see, the other end also has a loose thread...

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  3. Where did you get it authenticated? On the Auth This thread or at a store?
  4. Any help guys?? :crybaby:Here are some pics of the authenticity cards that came with it...

    I don't know what to do! :confused1: Any input is appreciated!!!!! :yes:

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  5. ^ Oh my... looks like bait and switch. Those are two different items ( ebay listing v the one you have)! I would post pics of the one you received on the authenticate this thread... i would wait for some reply from the ladies on the board... once you have some feedback, then definitely email the seller about the differences and questions re: authenticity (if there are).
  6. Well the auction says 100% authentic so if it turns out that it isn't you should ask for a refund.
  7. If it's not authentic and you used PayPal to pay, you can make a complaint through PayPal and get your money back.

  8. I think I was unclear as to what I meant. This is the listing that I won.

    The previous link was another one I found after I won it and I compared it to the one I won and found differences like the zipper and emblem.

    Can anybody help me out with this? i Posted pictures of the authenticity cards. I am not that familiar with Prada so does anybody know if these cards are real or fake?
  9. ^ Sorry i misunderstood... the other item - is it authentic? have you posted the other item you found on the authenticate this thread? i'm sorry i'm not familiar with this accessory... maybe someone in the authenticate thread can help you? good luck.. I hope you can still return or repair the one you bought.
  10. This is really awful. I'm so sorry. I think you should post your pics on the authenticate this thread and ask for their opinions about what to do. You should get your money back through Paypal--this has to be a fake to be falling apart like this. Ugh. I feel for you. :hysteric:
  11. Ah I have 5 Prada coin purses, am coin purse freak and have never seen this one, but could have be a mdel I haven't seen. Also the key strap appears to have ??cardboard underneath the matierial (I say with jest, not sure it's leather) and not usual Prada quality.

    Hate to say this but my nylon coin purses and pouchettes seem to be better quality and this doesn't appear to be authentic.
  12. Longchamp, Thanks for the input. I really don't think this is an authentic piece either. I am SO dissapointed =( It looked so great when I first got it and now it looks as if it has been beat around for 10 years!! The leather attaching the key ring is almost completely fallen apart. I won't be surprised if it falls off tomorrow. I opened a paypal dispute. Should I give the seller time to respond or should I excalate it to a claim right away?
  13. Great... I just noticed that the end of the zipper came undone from the stitching...

    I can't believe I was duped on eBay!! I feel so stupid!! The seller had a history of selling fake Dolce and Gabanna but no fake prada so I thought I would be okay. I even checked ioffer to make sure that there were no fake versions of this!! >___<
  14. once the seller start to sell fakes, there is always a chance in the future for the same activity repeated itself sweety

    just be careful next time :okay: