First Prada ever! Glace w/ zipper

  1. I went to Neiman's yesterday meaning to visit my SA and try out some of the Balenciaga bags for size... Instead I walked out with this beautiful Prada bag... Not sure what the name of it is. The card says "Bauletto"?

    Anyways, here she is. Do you think this bag is keeper? I'm afraid I may get tired of it quickly, esp with the ombre. But when I saw this I went :nuts::heart:!!
    IMG_0385.JPG IMG_0386.JPG
  2. Wow, beautiful bag!! I think that's a keeper.

    Can I ask what the size is or the specs? And do you mind sharing the price please?

    It's very lovely, wear it well! :tup:
  3. congrats, very nice bag.
  4. Gorgeous!!! Congrats on an amazing bag!!
  5. Bauletto is Italian and means "traveling case". How's that for a big yawn! I've said it before: I DO wish Prada would give their bags names instead of vague descriptors. The only way to know for sure what bag you have or want is to look at the style number on the authenticity card. Boooooring!

    I've got the hobo version of this bag on the way, to be delivered tomorrow. I'm sure it's going to be beautiful, but as with last seasons "antik cervo" line, I'm a bit concerned with these new leather treatments and how durable they will be. Hopefully Prada learned a few things and have made some improvements for the fall line.

    Now, all that being said: THAT SATCHEL ROCKS, BABY! :rochard:

    Must see modeling pics and please do post measurements. :yes:
  6. Congrats - its gorgeous! Please post modelling pics
  7. Definitely a keeper! LOVE their Fall collection.
  8. Congrats, a stunning choice for the first Prada!
  9. Classic. Great bag!
  10. Great choice1 That is a beautiful bag! I am in love :love:
  11. Wow Congratulations.
  12. Thanks for the compliments ladies :flowers:. Once I am out of jammies mode I'll post modeling pics.

    The specs are 13x6.5x8in and the handle drop is 4 inches. One of the selling points (not like it needed any more lol) was the price: $1390! I thought it was priced well considering most other bags there were well into $2k.

    Prada Psycho - I also saw the hobo version in the same color as the satchel and it is beautiful! I love how there are handles and a shoulder strap. Can't wait to see yours!
  13. Beautiful! I am laughing because -- like you -- I think these bags are "cheap." I must be spending too much time on the chanel and hermes subforums.
  14. Really lovin' it! I'm digging gray this fall/winter or at least I think I will be!

    Congrats!! :tup::tup:
  15. What a beauty! *drools*