First prada BUT... :(

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  1. So I got my first Prada... BUT!
    There's a scratch/mark on the leather. It's on the front too.. There's also a loose thread which I'm not too fussed about. For something worth essentially $2000, I expect waaay better. Even if it was how the leather is, I'm sure they could put in the effort to avoid marks like that..
    The bag was bought in Paris though.. I'm now in Sydney so I hope I can still exchange it..
    image-856610115.jpg image-2788723014.jpg image-2529528243.jpg
  2. It's beautiful!

    Could the scuff maybe from it being handled in the scratched along the way?
  3. I know right!! I'm completely in love with all the zips and pockets! (bit of a freak with zips and compartments here, hence this specific bag)

    Yeah, it might've been scratches from the store. Will try and exchange it anyway. The Sydney store got robbed a few days ago so I'm not sure if they'll have stock :sad:
  4. You can't really tell that there's a mark, but I can understand why you would be bothered by it. Even though you're far away, it's still covered by warranty, just bring it into a Prada boutique and see what they can do about it.
  5. Oh that's horrible! But I agre with pinkrose, I believe you have a 1 yr warranty. So goodluck!
  6. I totally understand how you feel. I got a defected Prada saffiano tote when I bought it from the E-store - luckily their customer service is great so they gave me a new bag :smile:
  7. I think you should exchange it for sure . It just doesn't make sense to get a new bag especially with all these high prices n get sth defective . I recently got a bag from nm n it was used too.
  8. Yeah, it's the fact that I paid thousands of dollars for it so I expect every inch of it to be perfect otherwise ill just buy a decent leather one for a couple of hundred bucks at a department store..
  9. Sydney sales assistants can be a B though. I wanted to buy a wallet about a month ago and they were just rude, so i left and never bought anything. Also since they just got robbed, I don't know how snobby and protective they would be now.. Going to try my luck today anyway.
  10. You would expect a little ding here and there if you had purchased on the secondary market but seriously...a brand new one. I would definitely make a phone call or two. It's much to beautiful for you to settle for an imperfection.
    And by the way, which one is that? I'm recently obsessed with this bag and trying to decided between sizes. Thx ;)