First PRADA baby..!!!

  1. My first prada! Bn1874 in cammeo. Bought this beaut in paris. I was contemplating for bn1801 but bought this one instead... Sabbia and argilla look goges too but i never had any pinkish handbag so i chose cammeo over sabbia/argilla...
  2. ooh we're bag twins! i love this bag, smells divine too! enjoy
  3. Congrats, beautiful
  4. So pretty! I love how feminine the tote in tis color is. Beautiful.
  5. Modelling pic:::
    And dis is me wearing my cammeo for a tea break with my sis. ✌
  6. Oh yes, love d smell of new saffiano leather..!! ��
  7. Thanx! 😊
  8. Yes it is..! No regrets buying dis prada except dat it's a bit heavy. ��
  9. Wow... Lovely bag. I love cameo color. I've been thinking of buying this color in BN1801.
    Congratulation on your beautiful bag.
  10. Congratulations! Great choice. She's beautiful and you wear her well
  11. You look beautiful with your new bag! Congrats! I love cammeo, so easy to match.
  12. that's my fave saffiano color! congrats! :smile:
  13. Looks great on you. I've grown to like this bag more and more.
  14. Congrats!!! U rock the bag! ^___^
  15. This place looks familiar...pavilion kl? Hehe:smile: