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    Which one is more HOT?
    which one should i buy ?
  2. I just love the violet, but red is also a great color to have. Tough choice, but I would go for the violet.
  3. I prefer tomato with GSH, so my vote goes to VIOLET.
  4. Both are pretty versatile colors, but between the two, I would go with violet.
  5. Can i be greedy and say both lol I would prefer violet because it has GSH.. not much of a gold person
  6. The red. It just looks better with the gold hardware and is a more classic colour unlike purple which is a bit more trendy.
  7. Tomato! I love that combo!
  8. Surprisingly, I'm liking the Tomato with the GGH. The tomato looks really rich and has a lot of depth to it with the gold hardware. Wow!
  9. question. You'll never get tired of it. The Violet is gorgy...but how long can you see yourself carrying purple?????

    Tomato. Tomato. Did I mention Tomato? A classic.
  10. I love RED in GGH! :heart: I like Violet but in RH.
    So, I vote the Tomato! :graucho:
  11. I have 2 violet. And i adore them. So i say Violet with SGH
  12. Tomato for sure.:tup:
  13. I agree with the girls who said Tomato!
  14. You're making us choose? They are both gorgeous!! But you have to tell us more - what colors do you usually wear? Do you prefer silver or gold?

    For me I would go with the red - but that is me ;)
  15. The tomato is HOTTTT of course the violet is beautiful too but that HOT factor is in the tomato!