First Post! Straps Question - Elisha vs. Devin

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  1. Hey Kooba Ladies! I have been lurking here for while now! And you all have got me loving some major Kooba! I am wanting to make my first Kooba purchase! HOORAY! I am looking for some input though!:wlae:

    I REALLY love the Red Elisha:heart:, but cannot find it anywhere! (I have searched and searched and called all sorts of stores, but no luck, I think I am a few weeks shy of grabbing one on activeendeavors! :s.) I am thinking I may have to wait on it for one to hopefully pop up on eBay!

    In the meantime, I might want to make a compromise! I need a new bag desperately, I normally carry Coach, but am wanting something different, and Kooba it is!!

    I normally carry a tote style of bag, something that would have shorter straps, much like the Elisha. So I like the Elisha style and would get a black leather one, but I am crazy over the red. So, would the straps of the Devin in red be a big jump?? (I studied huskylover's photo's!!)

    Soooo, What do you think? Should I take the plunge and try something a bit new and go with a red Devin, of stick to something that is more my "normal" style and go with the Elisha in Black??:yahoo:
  2. Just so you know, there is a coupon code that you could use at Active Endeavors and you can get maybe 20% off? I posted it a while back so I'll see if I can find it. I would go for the one you really want.
  3. Okay, I found it. It's BETTER. Add that in the coupon code and you may still be able to get 25% off.

    I just looked at their site and they are sold out in red. Call them and maybe they can tell you if they are going to get more in.

    Good luck on the hunt!
  4. Thanks Shewolfy!

    I tried to call them and they said they would not have anymore of the Red Elisha's :sad: Sad

    But the red devin or black elisha are calling me...I just can't decide which one! :confused1:
  5. My mom has the Elisha and I have the Devin, both in black suede. I love them both - I think they are both such cute styles. The Elisha can be worn over the shoulder, but the drop is much shorter, so it can be carried in the hand or on the forearm. If you are more of a tote bag person, the Elisha might be better. The Devin is definitely more of a shoulder bag. Personally, though, I find the Devin to be one of the most comfortable bags I have carried. It just feels very natural for some reason. I'm not sure if that helps at all.
  6. Thanks Sarahsar! That really does help alot! :smile: