First post: still possible to find Anthracite and Aquamarine Firsts in stores?

  1. Hello all,

    I've been lurking about the Bal forum for a few days now, and I finally decided to post here. I am considering selling some of my collection to fund a Bbag, but I am unsure what color. I am thinking that one of these two colors (anthra or aqua) would be a good choice. I want a bag that I can wear with anything, but Bal seems to be known for color, so it seems like a waste for me to get a regular color when I can probably only have 1 Bbag (ever). So, are these colors still avail. in stores? I know that Barney's Dallas carries Bbags, so I should call them, I suppose. I want to see the bag IRL since it would be such a major purchase for me.

    Please tell me that I need a Bbag (considering selling Mandarin Speedy to help fund it, though it's hard to let it go)...well, if you really think I do, that is. And I would appreciate input on the color choice and availability as well. Thank you!
  2. Welcome!!

    I was going to move this to the Shopping Sub-Forum: you can find several other threads on searching for these two colors, along with some tips on where they can/can't be found :yes:

    However, since your post also asks for advice on the color choice and bbags in general, I'll leave it in the main forum...
  3. Thank you! I'll check out the Shopping area straight away.