First post - Question about my CB papillon

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  1. Hey all, I read the threads here occasionally and never really posted, but now I have a question: I just bought this cherry blossom papillon on eBay(my first CB Piece ^_^) and, though it was in better condition than expected, it's a little dirty. So here's the deal: I've used apple leather care in the past, but can't seem to find the little kit I bought before and I was wondering what you all think might be best... Should I go for the apple leather care again or is there something better? I actually already tried using magic eraser on that pen mark on the inside and it didn't help much. :\ Pics are tagged with my lj name, btw.

    Thanks in advance!
    1.jpg 2.jpg
  2. Welcome!
    But doesn't really work on pen markings. I've used a clean white eraser before on more major marks (like the kind on the tips of pencils, only white instead of pink) and that helps a little. But I think you might be out of luck with that one..pen doesn't come out too well, unfortunately since it has a tendency to set itself once it's dry.
    The Apple Guard is mostly to protect stains before they happen..but I'd just clean it as best as you can with the regular eraser, then Apple Guard it again.
  3. hye miss_eff, I have heard that the bleach pen gets rig of pen marks on the interior, ps, so is this the good deal you got on ebay?
  4. Aw I didn't know pen marks were so hard to get out. :sad: Thanks!
  5. I might be afraid to use a bleach pen, it might be too harsh? I'm scared of ruining this bag!

    And yeah, I did get a good deal on this, less than 700 shipped! :yes:
  6. You're welcome :smile:
    I know though..ever since I got a pen mark in my fuchsia lexington and my CB pochette from a ball point pen, I only use capped pens or those that twist to expose the pen part.
    I learned my lesson the hard way.. :oh:
  7. ive had pen marks in my older bags.. and they're right.. theres not much you can do about it. If it was a fresh stain, my tide-to-go pen actually does pretty well in helping clean it up. but since its dried and has probably been there for a while... just smile and be happy you got a good deal :smile:
  8. Less than 700 shipped? Was it from Let-Trade? :sneaky:
  9. Yep! :yes:
  10. Ah well, I guess I'll just have to deal with it. I'll probably still try to remove it a bit more, but it's not so bad considering how much I paid and that it's on the inside.
  11. Aww. I saw that. Lucky you. It was a pretty good deal. Sorry, I'm a Let-Trade addict. I see all the bags he posts. Hee hee.

    Have you thought of taking it in to LV to see if they can repair it? I got a really good deal on 2 bags from Let-Trade and I am going to take them in to have the handles replaced.
  12. I thought about it before seeing the bag IRL, but there's not much else besides the pen mark that I can't fix on my own I think... do you think they'd be able to do something about that?
  13. never hurts to ask :smile:
    they might have some sort of cleaner? or someone who has probably dealt with ink stains.

    i doubt they would be able to get it fully out. just be thankful its on the inside and not the outside :biggrin:
  14. Welcome & It's A Gorgeous Bag!!! Best Of Luck...Keep Up Updated On How It Turns Out!

    EDIT: I Agree It's In The Inside, That's Definitely A Plus! IMO
  15. Welcome, by the way I love your avatar, it's so cute, I love Harry Potter!:tender: