First Post - Personal experience w/ Shining Monkey spray for LV?

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  1. Hi everyone!

    It’s my first time posting here (waves). I’ve gotten lots of info from the purse forum and everyone seems nice and helpful. Thanks!!

    Anyway, I’d never liked the LV mono look, but loved Marc Jacobs and his lovely pockets. Then I fell head over heels for the MJ-designed Manhattan PM last year :love: . I was FINALLY able to convince hubby that I needed it :nuts: .

    We went to Las Vegas for our anniversary, and walked all over the strip looking for one made in France (my personal preference - for my first LV, I just wanted one from France – even though several SAs tried to convince me that all the Manhattans were made in USA :blink: ). We were able to track one down at the Forum Shops.

    Now I take it out of the box and look at it a lot, but have been so afraid to use it because I really like the new vachetta look. Help!! I looked through the forum and saw that several people mentioned Shining Monkey Fabric Spray. But has anyone used it THEMSELVES? I ordered it and should be getting it soon, but I’d love to hear first-hand personal experience before I actually use it. Also, does it just waterproof it or also stain-proof it?

    Do you use something else, OR think it’s better to let the natural patina-ing process take place? Sorry about all the questions.

    Thanks in advance!!!
  2. i don't have any experience with the spray, but i don't think it will prevent a patina - it might stop stains and waterspots, though, and that's always good.

    i didn't like patina LV at first, but after i looked at it more it REALLY grew one me - it's really beautiful and makes your bag unique - no two patinas are the same. now, i don't want to buy any new LV bags because i don't want to have to wait for the patina; i usually look for well-treated used bags because i love the look of the leather so much.

    that being said, if you really prefer the new vachetta, you can always get your leather replaced for a fee when it gets too dark for your taste.
  3. I love the patina on any bag.. they are beautiful... my louis looks amazing w/ its patina (no special treatment but looks very boho chic!!!) I like the look no matter if it has water stains or dirt.. its beatiful. New vuittons are ugly!!
  4. Thanks Amanda!

    You're right. I think a nice honey patina will definitely grow on me. I guess my biggest concern is that ugly dirty brown look I sometimes see on older Louis Vuitton bags. Yuck! I'm hoping the spray will prevent that. Does anyone know?

    And, what do you do to help "grow/maintain" a beautiful patina?
  5. I personally prefer the patina look. I purposely just purchased a used bag for that reason.
    It's very romantic in an "Ingrid-Bergman-Casablanca-let's-travel-by-train" sort of way.
  6. some info on patina:

    patina is inevitable...depending on how much you use your bag and how well you take care of it, will determine the look of your patina.

    there are also threads on the PF if you do a search for 'patina' where you can read other tips, advice, recommendations, etc.

    that dark ugly brown you are talking about is dirt.
  7. I have and have used it on both Vernis and Mono items. It's awesome. It's a great protectant and someone on the LVlj community even sprinkled water on hers and there was no staining. What a brave soul. Nothing stops the patina, but the Shining Monkey does help again the other things such as water damage.

    Another reason why Shining Monkey stands above the rest is how quickly it dries and no residue.

    I love it!!
  8. where can you buy it?

  9. ohhh, hook me up! :smile:
  10. do you put it on the entire bag or just the leather parts?
  11. You put it on the entire bag. I've put it on a cles and a wallet as well. Keeps the canvas looking great :smile:
  12. thanks for the info mewlicious!!

    BTW, do you apply once at the beginning, or do you need to reapply every once in a while (if so, how often?)
  13. Mew, which shining monkey product did you buy? There's like 15 different ones :shame: I can't see any leather protector, just for fabric.. Which one did you get?
  14. I love shining monkey and the company is owned by the fiance of one of my friends. It doesn't stop the patina but it will make your bag waterproof and it works beautifully.It was designed to protect the leather in expensive sports cars. Plus it's really easy to apply. You will love it for sure. Oh and it's the fabric protector you want. V