First Post! Need your expert advice girls

  1. Hi all,

    I'd appreciate your advice on what Autumn/Winter bag to buy this year. I'm a big Mulberry fan, and already have an oak Phoebe and black Bayswater. I'm looking for a chocolate brown bag, and have my eye on the new Emmy (although it's seems to have got a big thumbs down from you guys, it's gathering momentum here), or a Muse. For those of you that own a Muse, what's the quality like? Compared to Mulberry? Is it practical (yes I know, I have to be sensible, I'm a Mummy to two little boys!) What do you think of the Emmy now we have seen it out and about a bit more?

    Looking forward to hearing from you! Excited about this being my first post!

  2. I have the antique glace Baywater in black, and as the leather seems to be stiffer, the flap hasn't curled. Having said that, it is still fairly new and I wear my Phoebe more in the summer, so we will wait and see!

    I love the Muse, but share your concerns about it being more a formal "grown-up" style. I don't work so dress casually most of the time. What do you think of the Emmy?

  3. I'd chose the Muse out of the two bags you mentioned. However, when you mentioned you wanted a dark brown bag the first two bags that come to my mind that are absolutely gorgeous in brown are Bottega Veneta's ball bag and Fendi's Spy. BV is really a high quality bag. The leather is soooooooo soft.

    Here's a pic of the BV ball bag in black. I couldn't find a pic of it in the dark brown. It is really pretty in brown.
  4. Thanks, both bags you mentioned are gorgeous - but I think I am stuck now on the Muse. It looks like it's going to be difficult getting hold of one though (I live in the UK). I'll keep you posted!