First post: need opinions on Bulga

  1. Hi everyone! This is my first post here and let me just say I've enjoyed reading your posts, and I'm learning a lot about bags thanks!

    So for my first major purchase, I am deciding between a Kooba Sienna (or Carla) and this Bulga bag (picture). Can you tell me if Bulga is a good quality brand? Which one do you think I should buy (i.e. worth it for the money)? I'm staying within $600 budget only.
    Thanks much!
  2. I love Bulga. I have bags from both Kooba and Bulga and I think the leather on the Bulga is nicer. That being said, I have heard that with some of the lighter colored bags, the color fades oddly. But I haven't had any problem with the dark chocolate leather.

    PS: I really do like that Bulga hand held. Beautiful color!
  3. the bulga is a great bag. i've been tempted by it, too.
  4. I love the leather on Bulga--it's really soft and nice. I'd pass on the Kooba. I don't think Koobas are that great and seem to have been played out too much... But due to the soft nature, I'd stick with a dark color like the yummy chocolate brown!
  5. the leather on bulgas is SO NICE. it's thick and soft and wonderful; it really reminds me a lot of the chloe paddington leather, and that bag costs like 5 times as much. koobas are ok, but the leather isn't as thick and squishy and fabulous. i'd definately go with the bulga!
  6. The Bulga looks really cute....first Bulga that I've seen and liked. Let us know what you decide! Good luck!
  7. i vote for the bulga too - they usually line the inside with nice fabric too!
  8. I love that Bulga bag, it's gorgeous
  9. I own two Bulgas and it's definitely on par (if not better) than Kooba and some of the other higher end bags. The leather is absolutely gorgeous and won't disappoint!
  10. Hi Minee, welcome!
    I actually fell in love w/ that very same Bulga and ordered it from Testimo. However when I got it.. I was super disappointed. The color didn't seem rich and I didn't really like the leather.. it seemed kinda paper thin and seemed like it would tear real easily and that half moon bag ... the handles were all twisted so it was really uncomfortable holding it.. I retured it right away!