First Post!! :-) Mini Lin - tell me about it!

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  1. How durable is it? I saw it on elux....I already have a mono speedy 30 which i LOVE :heart: , but I am thinking of getting the Mini Lin Speedy too. For those of you that have seen it in real life, what do you think?!?!
  2. Funny that you post this because I just finished looking at my Mini Lin Speedy. I'm a little upset because I took it out for less than 3 hours last night to dinner....and I noticed that the fabric has a lot of pulls/runs everywhere. I don't know if it came arrived that way or if perhaps I may have gotten the fabric caught on something. I'm not sure if it was me...or maybe the fabric is just made that way? Can someone else who has a Mini Lin purse let us know? Otherwise, I think I may have to be very very careful each time I use my bag. :crybaby:
  3. I was loooking forward for this line to come out but when I went to the store to check it out, I was very disappointed. I can tell it can easily get ruin is not very durable bag..
  4. Wow- I have been carrying mine everyday since I got it and mine is still in perfect condition! I feel it is very durable? If I were you I would take mine back to LV!
  5. The bag is partially made of linen so the pulls are natural to the fabric. The fabric will not "pull" further. The fabric is very sturdy so I wouldn't worry about using it. It seems more durable than the old mono mini fabric. HTH.
  6. Thank you for sharing that info...not sure if I would get one in the future...I take it that you love your mono speedy canvas more?????????
  7. I will definately let you know - I just ordered mine this morning..........but I'm REALLY careful about my bags - kinda always thinking ahead about potential mishaps b/c I'm that CRAZY like that with them, lol!
  8. when i bought my mini lin bucket, i was comparing 2 of them (that's all they had in the store) and i realized there are runs because of the fabric..and the fact it's hand i picked the best one..