first post :) is this a 08 colour?

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  1. i've been lurking around for a while and finally decided to start posting :smile: okay i'm such a noob but i got a new bbag yesterday and i was just wondering if its an 08 color :sweatdrop: thank you!
    DSC08426.JPG DSC08428.JPG
  2. [​IMG]
    congratulations on your new pale magenta giant silver hardware city! yup, it's from spring summer 08. :smile:
  3. Great choice! Congratulations on your new City!
  4. its such a pretty color!!!! great first choice.
  5. Beautiful Pale Magenta! Congrats
  6. It's gorgeous, congrats!
  7. Yes indeed a very pretty light magenta! COngrats and it won't be your last!
  8. congrats on your first bbag and welcome to the addiction!
  9. Yes, and it's very pretty ;)
  10. congrats on such a lovely bag! great color!
  11. It's gorgeous! It's called Pale Magenta (magenta 08) or Orchid (Balny calls it this). You did well for your first bbag! Or maybe I'm just assuming it's your first.... perhaps you have more! Congrats, Enjoy, and welcome to tPF!!
  12. beautiful color! congrats!
  13. lovely bag. i am a newbie (with no bbag as of yet) so i can't help with names and colors but i'm just drooling here. haha.
  14. Gorgeous! I love pale magenta with GSH.
  15. Beautiful choice! I personally love the new pale magenta with silver, it's gorgeous! Congrats!