first post. introduction + questions

  1. hey everyone -
    this is my first post in the Chloe forum so i would like to say hello first! i'm 21 and i just recently was introduced to designer bags at all (i'm from the country, give me a break. haha). i started buying Coach a few months ago and decided they just weren't making me as happy as I thought they would, so I banned myself. i started looking around tPF at more expensive forums because i thought i could never convince myself to spend $1000+ on a bag.

    wellll, it was a bad idea. because here i am, addicted to the paddington and unable to think about anything else :nogood: (i even dream about them sometimes. totally pathetic, i know). i HAVE to have one. and soon (and i've never even seen one in real life!) i've stared saving possibly for a nuage or for the chocolate from '06.

    two things: where can i find a nuage that isn't sold out? and what kind of price range should i be expecting to pay for a chocolate if i decide to get it? i don't want to get too excited and over-spend, haha.

    thanks so much, ladies!
  2. Wellcome, and good choises in my opinion! :tup: Nuage is really pretty colour but so is 06 chocolate too, which ever you get it's going to be tdf! I'm not sure where could you find nuage, I hope someone can help with that but for chocolate 06 you could try eBay, price varies but you might be able to find one with lower price than the retail (under 1000 $) . If you try eBay authenticate the bag before buying on authenticate this chloe thread under chloe shopping section.:yes: Good luck in finding one!

    Btw I dream about paddingtons too!
  3. Hi, you could try Chloe boutiques for the nuage. The only place I have seen it online is (I just got one and it is gorgeous) and they are currently sold out- but they sold out before, back in July and got more in a couple of weeks ago, so keep an eye on them. (They will be several hundred dollars cheaper than a Chloe boutique).

    Also you could keep an eye out on ebay for a Galet (from last year, or the beginning of this year) which is very similar to nuage, with silver padlock. I think Nuage is very slightly lighter, and Galet is a bit more taupey, but it could be the other way round as I have never seen them side by side and IMO they are pretty close. Galet is gorgeous too (I can't remember the colour of the stitching on Galet, on Nuage it is brown).
  4. Oh! The galet is very gorgeous. I couldn't find one on ebay but I did a search on here and it is so pretty! I love the silver hardware. I think it's most appropriate for my wardrobe. I don't dress really trendy or hip and I'm kind of anal about my bags matching my clothes. I feel like I could pull off a mis-matched bag if I were a little more.. I don't know.. edgy in my dress. I go to pharmacy school (professional, dressy clothes everyday) so I need something I could carry to school and for everyday. I think the silver hardware is perfect! ;)
  5. Welcome!!! Try Neiman Marcus - they have had great stock of paddies lately.
  6. I would take a look at ebay and DEFINITELY have a bag authenticated before buying, but if you prefer a retail store and don't mind waiting for a sale... then Neiman Marcus and Nordstroms tend to have good sales.
    welcome to chloe (i'm new too)
  7. I totally agree. Unfortunately (or probably fortunately!) I wouldn't buy a paddy with brass/ gold lock as I don't like yellow metals, have no yellow gold jewellery etc; so it means I can't even consider a huge number of the lovely colours the paddy comes in, as the locks are mostly gold.

    I was so excited when I saw nuage as I had been wanting a pale paddy with silver hardware (and at this point wasn't aware that Galet had silver padlock) and didn't think it existed.

    An extra bonus is that the silver padlock is much hardier than any of the other colours, including the gold- these other colours can chip a little.
  8. Okay, dreaming about acessories and clothing is so not a problem...Well, I do not think it is because it happens to me all of the time. I am looking forward to purchasing a paddy too( do not worry, I am not looking for the same color). Try neiman's but beware(?), they are still going for around $600. Good luck and post pics if you find one!
  9. Hi, welcome to the forum! Sabine's has several Nuage paddies; one is 995 tax and sh included. I've never ordered from them, but they are on the list of authentic online retailers of Chloe posted in one of the reference threads. Good luck, and let us know what you decide!
  10. I just called Sabine last week to see if the Nuage Paddington was available. She said that the bag is very hard to track down, but is very helpful, and will do what she can to help. It is doubtful they have any readily available, but worth a call!
  11. Wow- definitely worth a call, that is an amazing price ($300 less than Diabro and Diabro was a great deal).
  12. Hi aliciamarie, have you tried Sabine's yet? She had some Mini/Baby Nuage Paddingtons available earlier today, but they might already be spoken for by now. For TPFers its $970.
  13. Hi Mlm, that is an awesome! deal for the baby, (luckily I can't even consider it as I have the medium nuage, or else i would be trying to come up with justification to buy one :graucho:) tempting.

    Do you know if they have any medium in stock yet? I think AliciaMarie is looking for a medium as an everyday bag (I think- I could be wrong). Sabine's is definitely another site to add to my favourites!!!
  14. When I called Sabine I asked about the availability for both the baby and medium in of yesterday, unfortunately, she did not have medium in stock. She says they are very difficult to obtain since they're in such high demand.

    I was glad to find this website, definitely bookmark. She is so nice and helpful. I'll be sure to post pics of my baby when she arrives! Should be just a few more days :woohoo: