First Post In The GD Section

  1. I finally decided to tear myself away from the Designer Forums and explore other parts of the site. Hello! :biggrin:
  2. Hi!! Glad to see that you've decided to be a bit adventurous. I try to visit all the threads but it really is hard to leave the Designer forum.
  3. Welcome to the GD section! Have fun!:welcome:
  4. I enjoy the word games here & other discussions. I float around looking for interesting threads.
  5. Welcome to GD! You'll be surprised by the variety of topics that are covered!
  6. Hiya!

    Try this once in a while, at teh top of every page, on the purple Navigation bar right in the center is "New Posts", after you visit your favorite Forum or 2, click on that.
    I do and it takes me in and out of about every Forum here, there's ALWAYS something interesting going on!:yes:

    get on the train w/ me!!!:choochoo:
  7. Lol welcome! I just recently migrated over here after a long stint of being only on the LV and Chanel boards :lol:
  8. GD is funnn. Dig it!
  9. Haha! There's a lot of going on around here! You can easily get lost! Enjoy!
  10. You'll love it here!!! I go here when there's no authenticating to do in the LV board. :p
  11. I love it here - theres always something going on! :yes:
  12. Welcome ^_^
    You will be comin by here alot now! :biggrin: lol
    lots of nice posts here.
  13. Ooh! I remember when I first ventured out from the Balenciaga subforum. It was a whole new world, and SO much fun!! I'm sure you'll get right into things quickly :yes:

    Am def gonna try Swank's suggestion, and see where they take me! :choochoo:
  14. welcome, this is a fun section !
  15. That is exactly what I do Swanky!! I would hate to miss something! ;)