First post in purseforum!

  1. hello all!
    i've given my 1st time to the COACH forum. :love:

    would like to know what's a reasonable price to pay for this purse.
    the seller stated that original retail is US178 and is selling it at US95..
    is that a good deal?

  2. Hi! Welcome to PF! :flowers:

    About the purse.. what condition is it in?
  3. opps, forgot to mention that it's brand new!
  4. Welcome to the PF! I think that is a fair and reasonable price for a brand new bag and it's real.
  5. That's a great price for this bag if it's brand new! This particular color/design is part of Coach's classic signature line so it never goes on sale. (I've seen one at an outlet a while ago and even then it was like $140 something).
  6. [​IMG]

    pic provided by seller.. :smile:
  7. That picture looks off for some reason..maybe b/c it's hanging off the table LOL! Is that the only one they gave you? But if the bag is authentic & brand new, that is a great deal!
  8. ^ from the outside it looks good to me...I just compared it to two of my soft demis and everything is dead on for this style :yes: On the inside.. the last 4 numbers of the serial number on the Coach creed should either be 6371 or 8K01.
  9. Does the seller have more than one pic? I hate that a lot of times when I look at Coach bags on ebay, they only have one or two pics. There are so many dimensions of a bag.
  10. [​IMG]

    i actually have no qualms about its authenticity but just trying to convince myself that i should buy it (am afraid this is the start of designer purse addiction. i just ended my designer denim one. ha.)
  11. ^ It'd definitely authentic.. and in very good condition.. the tassel pull on the zipper hasn't even begun to separate yet.

    And LOL the soft demi was what kicked off my purse addiction.. it's my favorite Coach purse of all time! As for the price.. I think it's pretty reasonable for this color combination & style given the condition of the bag.
  12. I see where you spotted that bad boy..I really LOVE that blue wallet w/ it..gorgeous! Tell us if you get it or not.
  13. Welcome! Cute bag AND great price! :yes:
  14. nevermind
  15. Welcome to the forum! Great deal for the purse.