First post in Hermes - need some advice, please...

  1. Hello ladies. I have been a die hard Chanel fan for years now, but I'm considering an Hermes Kelly. If you don't mind saving me the time of research, what is the most durable leather the Kelly comes in? There seem to be so many options and I'm confused. All I know is box is bad (for durability).
  2. fjord, clemence, togo and vache liege are great choices. welcome to H and hold on tight!
  3. ^^^:roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:

    Ok..better...I agree with RC...but it depends on if you like a little slouch or not. I just got a togo birkin and I cannot wait for it to get broken in and slouchy. I love the softer leathers. It is a personal preference b ut togo is delicious!!!
  4. I have both vache liegee and clemence, and both are very durable!!!
  5. No slouch for me. I want it to hold its shape.
  6. VL and fjord are quite durable and hold there shape well. Togo is also very durable but a bit softer. I don't think you'd have to worry about a kelly but my birkin 35 in togo has developed a bit of a slouch. Clemence is slouchy (less so in a kelly, but may not be your best bet).

  7. You would love Vache Liegee then. It really keeps it shape while being beautiful and durable all at the same time!
  8. Agree, and it is quite beautiful!

    Oh, and I also forgot epsom. that is another skin that you may want to consider. This is one that I gather from the gals that you either love or seem not to care for. Do you have a Hermes close by? You really need to see these irl.
  9. Considering that some of the members on here have Kellys made from Box leather which are 50+ years old I wouldn't consider Box to be bad for durability. It requires a little bit of care and shouldn't be allowed to get wet but it's certainly a pretty durable leather.

    When would you use it? Special occasions or as an every day bag?

  10. Good point. with box though you do need to be comfortable with that in between "awkward" stage between new and gorgeous patina, where the light scratches show, before they blend.
  11. Agreed! It definitely requires a bit of a zen attitude ;)

    Of course, there's always an option of buying pre-patinaed vintage.

    What about Chevre? I got the impression that it was quite hard wearing and held its shape well too.
  12. Thanks so much for the advice. Now I can at least start my search. The only place I can get Hermes is at Neiman's, and they never have anything. I probably won't be able to see it IRL before purchasing. So, what do I do now? Can I get on a waitlist at an out of state store? Will I ever get one? I'm thinking Vache Liege sounds good. I think I'd want a true red or a bright blue. I'm going to browse the ref library for colors. Is it mission impossible? Should I turn to eBay? I'm not in a big hurry, need to save up.
    I forgot to say, I meant that box gets scratched (I've heard) and that would drive me crazy.
  13. No worries!!! We can always meet up and I can bring my Vache Liegee Kelly and my Clemence HAC if you want to see some leathers. And I know that Neimans has a few good bags to show you right now (bolides and such) so you can get a good idea about the leathers.
  14. Jag - thanks! That is so nice of you to offer. I will stop by NM the next time I'm at Somerset and check out the leathers.
    I was just browsing the library and I'm more confused then ever. Every color looks so different on each different leather. I don't know how I'll ever narrow it down. Then I discovered there are different Kelly's? Is that correct? I saw Swift Kelly's (I think) and some just said Kelly and I couldn't tell the difference. This sounds like it could take years of research :nuts:.
  15. It won't take years, promise :smile:..... you should consider slouch (you don't want slouch) and scratches (you don't want scratches), that rules a lot out.

    Do you want shiny or matte? What size do you want, 28, 32, 35? Do you want rigid (sellier), which is stitched outside and doesn't fold at the sides (stiffer like a box), or souple (retourne), it has the relaxed sides and is stitched inside (softer profile, folded, see below). Palladium or gold hardware?

    chevre doesn't slouch or scratch - shiny
    some togo doesn't slouch, it won't scratch - shiny
    vache liegee doesn't slouch or scratch - shiny
    fjord also doesn't slouch or scratch - matte
    epsom doesn't slouch or scratch - shiny

    All of these skins/leathers repel water well, too. I mean, raindrops wipe off easily....none of them are "carry in a snowstorm" kinds of bags, generally. (They probably can take the one off snowstorm from time to time, but who wants to go there?!?!?!)

    Take a look at the members thread in the reference library

    and also the kelly thread in the ref library, styles

    these two pics are of sellier kelly (S'Mom's rouge h chamonix :drool: ) and my blue marine boxcalf HAC (not a Kelly, but shows the nice slouch of inside stitched retourne style)

    Best of luck - have FUN - and welcome, aprilvalentine!
    s'mom's rouge h sellier.JPG hac outside 1.jpg