first post here: question for patsy owners

  1. Hi All, It's my first post here in the Chloe thread. I hope you can help me out. I just got the small white chloe patsy. Are the zippers supposed to be colorfull? Mine has red, yellow and blue. is that supposed to be that way. Also, where do in the bag do you find 'made in italy'. Is the leather supposed to be flimsy soft? I don't know if this should be in the authenticate me thread. any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks a lot!
  2. Hi there, and welcome to the Chloe forum. I have the large Patsy in brown, and the zippers are colorful, and yes, the leather is super soft and much lighterweight than other Chloes. Mine was purchased from NM on-line, and nowhere does it say 'made in Italy'. Hope this helps.
  3. thanks for your reply. I did find the date code like the lv inside the zipper. It says made in Romania. I too purchased it at NM online. I'm just scared since it's my first Chloe and i dont know the leather smell. I know lv smell but they must be different. Im just paranoid because of the fakes stories that has been returned at NM. Does anybody know if this model has been faked? There's a couple on eBay with this model but they're still over 500. I know the paddingtons have been. Thanks a lot for all your help guys.
  4. This is actually the second one I ordered. I returned the first one because I thought it was too large, and I really didn't need another large bag. Then it went on 'super sale' and I got it for around $347, so I couldn't resist. They both were identical, so I think they both are legit. Some Chloe styles have different weight leather and I believe the Patsy is designed to be lighter weight.
    Also, I've noticed a difference in my Whiskey Edith from a couple of years ago and an Ivory Edith Satchel I ordered this season, the quality of leather was completely different, so I returned it.
    I know other pf'ers have purchased Patsy's also, so maybe more posts will help with more info and more reassurance.
  5. Here is a pic of my Patsy

  6. I have the older version that looks like the current one but doesn't have the Chloe on the front tag and it says Made in Italy just under the Chloe tag on the inside pocket. I remember reading Made in Italy in the description on the NM website for the current version.
    I'm also pretty sure that the Patsy is been copied, seen it on fakes websites.
  7. thanks for the reply girls. I unfortunately had to return it. I dont know if the white patsy is supposed to have that problem but the it had some bleeding of blue on the leather and the stitching on the side was kinda coming off . I thought that for something that much,it shouldnt be doing that. Something just seemed off to me or maybe I just dont know how its supposed to smell. It was hard to let go as i've been lusting over it for sooo long, so i was sort of sad that it didnt' live up :sad:
  8. Sorry to hear your Patsy didn't work out, don't think I would keep it either with the bleeding of color.
  9. addicted 12 - I wish I'd seen your post earlier! I also bought the white Patsy tote from NM... it's def. authentic and I absolutely love it!!! The leather's lightweight and flimsy because it's a supple lambskin. Mine has the strongest leather aroma - which to me is absolutely divine. Mine also says "Made in Romania." I love this gorgeous bag so much that I'd get it in black and brown if I could...

    There's really no excuse for the stitching defect - it's a good thing you returned it. I've been using mine a LOT for the past few months, and it's held up extremely well. I also treated it with Apple Care Conditioner and the Apple Rain and Stain Repellant for extra protection. The blue may have been from the bag rubbing on your jeans, perhaps?
  10. definitely! i wish i knew your response prior so we can compare. I dont think the blue was from my jeans as i've never even wore it came like that. The bleeding was on the straps where the blue outline normally is. There were a couple of spots in the bag where there was blue bleeding so i thought it was from the blue lining (hope im making sense) was really hard to let go tho. i got a good price for it and it would have been my everyday summer still kinda bummed about it :sad: maybe it was just the white and prob the brown wouldve been better (if i can catch one :smile: ).
  11. Well, you really have to trust your gut on these kinds of purchases... and it's better to be safe than sorry! Plus the bag really should have been as perfect as possible - especially in white. I do understand about the blue lining on the straps - I love that too but I don't think I'd like that color bleeding onto the white matter how good the deal was. Anyway - hang in there and I'm sure you'll find a good deal on a brown Patsy eventually!