First post here..*PICS!!*

  1. Hi ladies!!! This is my first post in this thread..I just got this bag today and took pics...I LOVE this!!! I wanted to get a bag that I can leave on our boat this summer so I'll have something to change into...LOL now I'll have a collection up there!!!!!:supacool: This is PERFECT..won't be in the way..not too big, not too small..will go with everything and leave me hands free!!! AND I won't have to baby this baby too much!!! I bought it at last week..Geez....wicked fast shipping!!! Enjoy!!!
    ysl and prada mini 002.jpg ysl and prada mini 004.jpg ysl and prada mini 008.jpg ysl and prada mini 010.jpg ysl and prada mini 009.jpg
  2. Cute! Looks like a great casual summer bag. Enjoy. :yes:
  3. Great bag! It looks great on you.
  4. Love your bag Emmy... You are *too* cute!!!

    It looks *great* on you, so hopefully *this* will be THE bag for you on the boat!

    Congratulations my buddy!! :yahoo:
  5. Congrats Emmy. You look great as always, thanks for sharing your pictures with us. =)
  6. love it, congrats!!
  7. **Thanx** everyone for the compliments..I used it this weekend..PERFECT !! Just what I was looking for!! We stay all weekend on our boat, and at night we go into's so easy to get into...casual but w/ a touch of class...Very happy with it!! :yahoo:
  8. Wow Congratulations and enjoy.
  9. Congrats! The bag look great on you.