first post, first question :)

  1. I'm new here, and actually have not posted any threads, or ever opined on anything, I'm a tpf virgin hahaha.

    I just wanted to know if any of you experts have ever heard of a reissue in caviar leather, and if not, would you ever want chanel to create such a bag? ;)
  2. no, I haven't seen a reissue in caviar, but I think that combo would be interesting though. Welcome to the forum!
  3. I agree, caviar is so versatile and almost "bullet proof." I think that would be an interesting combo!
  4. I would love to see caviar on a reissue, I'll take one in purple please :p
  5. Yes, I love caviar leather! Its amazing, mean, I love lambskin, but caviar is my leather ;) a purple caviar reissue would be beautiful!

    I think the closest I've seen of a caviar reissue would be the hybrid with the distressed caviar. It's ever so pretty :biggrin:

    Lagerfeld should definitely listen to our pitch haha
  6. i'll take the same too LOL
  7. Am I the only nut in the fruitcake -- the distressed leather in the reissue is the ideal surface. It's durable without being pebble-textured and yet soft.

    I get it about caviar being near indestructible. When you have a lambskin and a caviar in the same color sitting side by side and only one is coming home, you touch the lambskin, so soft and sensuous. It's time to grab that caviar and you glance at it but your eyes go back to that luscious, scrumptious lamb. That baby is coming come. The two caviars I own, bought them over the phone :smile:
  8. Me three! Actually, I'll take anything in purple!

  9. No, jmen. Move over, there is another nut in this fruitcake! I love the reissue leather and I love lambskin, so we are like twins! I don't do the glazed, pebbled caviar at all! :nogood:
  10. ^^ Triplets! :yes:
  11. ´

    quadruplet lol!:tup: