First post, first Prada, and a question.

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  1. AF1C6A3F-D43A-44B0-83F5-0DAA0121AB40.jpeg Hello! I was gifted my first Prada today and I’m obsessed with it. It’s a Double Saffiano leather bag in bluette/fuoco and I cannot wait to show it off over the holidays. My question is, are there any go-to organizers for this bag, or brands/shops anyone would recommend? I know it’s going to get knocked over by my kids or go flying into the floorboard of my car, and I don’t want everything to go flying out. I don’t want to just throw my old nylon cosmetic bags in there straight from my Kanu like some sort of animal. This is the big leagues, so I think the bag deserves new stuff.
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  2. What a beautiful bag. I love the color. :heart:

    When I need an insert for one of my bags, I would measure the inside and then go searching on Amazon.
  3. Thank you! I’ve been carrying a larger crossbody for awhile but I am determined to streamline my bag contents to comfortably carry this bag without overloading it. It also has a longer strap so it’s more versatile. I never realized how much unnecessary junk I have been carrying around!
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  4. For posterity’s sake, since this is a newish style and there isn’t much info yet, I ended up ordering these bags on Amazon and hoped for the best. They worked great! The large bag fits like a glove on one side and holds my wallet and non-makeup items, and the medium bag holds my makeup and leaves room for a sunglasses case.
    A33263CF-D646-4643-A3FA-164A685BC289.jpeg 8363A8CA-E195-4071-A932-5448EE5D6D9C.jpeg
  5. Congrats! Beautiful bag. I don’t have any recommendations for an organizer but I saw this bag in the store window and had no time to go in to try it on. Is this bag heavy even without anything in it?
  6. It’s not particularly heavy. I went from a Kavu rope sling straight to this bag; but I tended to just throw everything into the Kavu because I had the space so why not. I definitely had to streamline what I carry on a daily basis, so it ends up not weighing much. The simple interior, single handle, and single flat compartment in the middle keep the weight down.
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  7. That is an absolutely gorgeous bag - Congratulations ! I'm hoping to go check it out in person soon - love the colour you picked. Is it a fuscia or a red on the inside ? I know the black is red on the inside.
  8. Sorry - can you also tell me how long the crossbody strap is ? I'm 5'7" and I find some of the crossbody straps to be too short.
  9. It is red on the inside. I’m 6’ tall and at its longest the crossbody hits me right on the hip. It has five holes about an inch apart so it could be shorter.