First post, First MJ

  1. Good Morning :smile:

    Today is the day! I am going to purchase my first Marc Jacobs. My question is, who has the best selection? I'm heading into NYC and I am not sure which MJ I am coming home with. I want to go to the store that has a wide variety. Also, any suggestions as to which bag to buy? I have always loved the multipocket but now, after coming across this site, I am in love with quite a few- the Elise quilted patent satchel for starters. Thanks for your help!
  2. Congratulations on your upcoming purchase. For the widest selection, your best bet would be one of the Marc Jacobs boutiques. There is one on Mercer (163 Mercer - between Houston and Prince Streets) and there is one on Bleecker (385 Bleecker - it's at the far west end of Bleecker). They will have the best selection, but they also have the strictest return policy. The MJ boutiques offer either store credit or exchange only for 7 days.

    For non-MJ boutiques, Bergdorf has the largest selection. Barneys also carries Marc Jacobs, as does Saks, and Bloomingdales (57th Street).

    Have fun!
  3. I love the stam! It is a classic. The one i like is the blake. Very classy. Depending on your wardrobe, you can choose either the "fun" colors or the neutral ones. Have fun!!! i love shopping!!
  4. Oh how exciting!!! Best of luck and report back with what you purchased!!! And post pics!
  5. Good luck and let us know what you decided.
  6. How exciting! Let us know if you purchased anything. I love Elise quilted patent satchel. =)

    Among the MJ bags released over the years, I think Stam & Stella are the most popular. I can be wrong though. =)

  7. Ok I'm back with my very first MJ. I decided to play it safe and purchased the Marc Jacobs Multi-Pocket in orange. The flash on the camera is altering the color a bit. I went to Bergdorf first and they were having a great pre-sale- but nothing jumped out at me. I went to Marc Jacobs and walked straight to the orange multi-pocket (as I always do whenever I see a Marc Jacobs display). I really wanted the Elise Quilted patent satchel but there were none left. Hopefully my MJ collection will grow, thanks for the help!!
    MJ Resized.JPG
  8. Gorgeous!!! Great choice :biggrin:
  9. Wow, great choice! Congrats!!! I'm on the lookout for a Multipocket too lately. Is yours the large? Was there a sale on these??
  10. Mine is not the large and it was not on sale. I did find it strange that some of the bags on sale at Bergdorf were not on sale at MJ... is tihs common? Either way, I am so exicted! And I am really really enjoying reading all of these posts and looking at the amazing collections! Great site.
  11. Thanks for the info:smile: And forgot to welcome u to the forum so, WELCOME! It's great here, I agree, but it will be hard on your wallet the longer you stay, lol!
  12. What a fun choice! Enjoy!
  13. Acsdance: Congrats! =)

    Cherry Blossom Multipocket is on sale ($537) at Stark White Multipocket was on sale as well, but it's completely sold out.
  14. Thanks for the heads up, bag.lover:smile: But that colour is not me. Also, I'm in Australia and they don't ship outside the US. But what a deal!
  15. Welcome to the Forum, and congratulations on your first MJ purchase! I love the multipocket, and that color is fantastic! Great bag!!!