First Post, First LV Bag

  1. I found this forum before I purchased my first ever LV bag (mono Speedy 35) last week, forgot about it, and then found it again. I thought I'd post and say hi! :yes:
  2. Welcome :flowers: ! Congrats on your first LV, very nice choice!
  3. welcome :welcome: and congrats on the purchase...
  4. Congrats and welcome :smile:
  5. HI! Welcome and congrats!:yahoo:
  6. Welcome and congrats!
  7. aw welcome and congratulations :biggrin:
  8. Congratulations! Post some pictures so we can ooh and aahh!
  9. Welcome to the PF! Congrats on your new LV!!
  10. Congratulations! This forum is addictive!
  11. welcome,, congrats..share some pics if you can..never get tired seeing speedy
  12. Way to go! You got the right size Speedy! Gotta love the look and the room! Got any pics?

    Welcome to the forum!
  13. Congrats!
  14. Hi! Welcome to TPF, I hope you love your new bag as much as we all love ours.
  15. Congrats on a GREAT bag and welcome!! :flowers: