First post, first hot bag

  1. Hi all,

    I'm Tissa.

    I'm so happy! I found this forum a week ago and because of it I found out about the Tano bags. I needed a great bag but didn't necessarily want a big-name designer bag. So, there it is. I've just bought myself this baby:sad:see phot attached). I'm sooooooo excited and it's my birthday in exactly 2 hours time....... :wlae:
  2. that is a very nice bag!! congrats and welcome!
  3. Thanks Blushingbaby!
  4. happy birthday! wear your new bag in the best of health and welcome!
  5. Thanks ukiwi!

    I just felt like sharing this with someone......
    Who better than bag lovers to understand my enthusiasm? ;)
  6. Congrats, that's a lovely bag!
  7. Congrats and happy birthday! Isn't that the best feeling in the world? One year older and one bag happier!!!

  8. congratulations!! very nice!!
  9. Great bag, congratulations!!:yahoo::yahoo:
  10. Very Nice Bag..Welcome :smile:

  11. Lovely! Love the cream color and happy birthday! :yahoo:
  12. Congratulations! Tano is really great quality and price.. hope you enjoy your new baby..."and many more"....
  13. Great choice for you!!!
  14. That will take you wherever you want to go! Congtatulations and welcome!!!
  15. Thank you all. It's very sweet of you!!!