First post - Considering joining the "B" clan!

  1. I get the butterflies - This is my first post on this Forum! :shame:

    I hope to find some time to share my collection with you all (Hermes and Gerard Darel)... In the meantime, as I am considering joining the Balenciaga clan, I would call upon your infinite knowledge to guide me for my first buy...

    SHAPE : I think I need a City, considering I usually carry a 35 cm bag. However, I went to Balenciaga Paris this week-end and Kevin showed me the Box and the Twiggy, which I also find lovely. What do you girls reckon? Are the Box and Twiggy practical vs the City? Will these styles last?

    COLOR : Most of my bags are black (my Hermes are), brown or tan leather. I think I need some color and I loooove Ink or Sky Blue. Do you find these colors easy to match with your clothes? Any prediction as to which colors will be hot?

    STANDING THE TEST OF TIME: Do you view you B-bag as a long-term investment? WIll its shape stand the test of time or is just a fashion, buzz? Will I not be disapointed by the leather?

    Thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts with me!
    I am so glad to join the forum!
  2. i love the twiggy shape, it worked better for me than the city because the handles fit over my shoulder easier. it's also large enough for day but can also be carried out at night. i also like that it's a bit unusual (or at least it used to be) but that's mostly because where i live b bags seem to be everywhere and the city size is the most common (both authetentic and not). i'm sorry i can't hep with the colors as i don't have those blues but i agree they're lovely!
  3. Hi betises lau! Welcome to the PF and to the Bbag clan! Once you buy one Bbag you won't be able to stop! The leather is amazing and you won't be disappointed. If you look around the Balenciaga threads you will find much helpful information! All the colors are wonderful and it's so hard to choose between them all! Sorry I'm not much help. I only own one and have another on the way! I choose the city style for myself because I like the size and I like the additional shoulder strap.
  4. I am considering my first purchase too. My only problem is the straps seem so short. I liked the ones on the Box though so I might start there. It will probably take several more trips to Barney's to decide :nuts:
  5. Hi! I have the rouge twiggy, ink city, and lilac work... and i love them all! I say go for the ink.. i can carry it anytime, anywhere, and it fits my LIFE. my only concern is summer is usually light colors, but i'll carry my ink-- SO WAT? =D good luck with ur choices.. i'm gonna have these bags for years to come... great quality, style, and it's not blasting labels, so u can use it anywhere... friends just comment how they like it a lot, even if they don't know it's balenciaga.
  6. My 2 cents:
    Size: City
    Color: Ink
    Test of time: unbelievable, worth every dime!

    Good Luck!
  7. Welcome aboard..we're glad you're here.

    Ink is an amazing color. goes with virtually EVERYTHING. Dress it up or down. Cant go wrong with INK.

    City, I think is great. Classic and simple. (I wish there's a guy version, but I have to make do with the Courier, Messenger and Weekender for me...waiting to see the upcoming bowling style Bbag in the fall)

    Other than INK....Cornflower is a great color as well (close or similar to the Blue Jean color type on Hermes Birkin.)

    OOOOh...I hope to get a large birkin in the near future (35-40cm). They seem to be unavailable when I drop by the Hermes store from time to time. (almost succumb to the travel birkin on vacation, but didnt...i got balenciaga instead. So the search still goes on!!!!)
  8. im sure once u start buying a b bag, u wont stop! :love:

    i have 3 of them at the moment, the classique, day and twiggy. have recently sold the box and am waiting for the city in rouge, cant wait.

    out of the 3 that i have, i love the twiggy most - its so great to carry, holds alot of stuff and carries on from day to night. love the others too, but will always have a soft spot for the twiggy! :love:

    as for the colour, calcaire is really great if u can manage to get hold of it, otherwise i tend to go for the ink as well. the rose is a pretty colour and i would've got it if not for the fact that its pretty similar to my calcaire.
  9. It sounds like you should go for an ink twiggy or city. Everyone here really loves ink, and it really seems to blend well with any outfit and yet stand out as being beautiful. I have a caramel box and I love the shape and size, but for many of the ladies here the box is not quite big enough.
  10. Thanks for your lovely comments and for replying. I think I'll try to adopt an ink Twiggy!

    I phoned Kevin at BAlenciaga Paris and he confirmed the color would not be reissued, so I guess I'll have to run fast!

    Thanks again, I'll keep you posted (with loadssss of pictures :P
  11. Welcome to the Forum! I have an ink City and it is fabulous. It goes with pretty much everything. I don't wear it with all black, but it is extremely versatile. The color changes with the light, too, which is a nice bonus. I have the City size, and a First in Pewter. The First is small but works for just carrying around essentials. The City is really functional...I can fit magazines, a book, a bottle of water and all my things in the City size. I have heard the Twiggy is also roomy, but I have not tried that size myself. Can't wait to see pics of your new bag!
  12. ^ Ohhhh congrats on your decision! The ink is going away fast as the season's ending. And knowing Balenciaga, be assured that it will never be re-issued! Maybe something similar, but not quite the same. The ink is the best, especially for your first B-Bag as it is very versatile and changes colors in different lights, just gorgeous! Can't wait to see pics! Congrats again!
  13. Oooh! The ink is terrific! I would definitely get it while it lasts! Congrats!!! And definitely post pics!
  14. Welcome, and great choice for your first bag! Looking forward to your pics! :nuts: :biggrin:
  15. great its fantastic
    and welcome to bbag clan...
    can wait for u to post pictures...