First post/Bag Question

  1. Hi everyone :smile: I am been a lurker for along time now, looking and admiring lots of your beautiful bags. My name is Michelle and I am a 31 year old mom of 2 year old Kate and work for BC Hydro here in Vancouver. Thought it was time to come out of lurkdom to ask some thoughts. I have been into Coach for many years now, but want to take the plunge into the world of Vuitton. I fell in love with the Damier Highbury which brings me to my question. My husband wants to buy it for me for our 10 anniversary coming up but he thinks it looks like "an old lady bag". Do you guys tend to agree? Tell me your honest thoughts.


  2. Hi Michelle! Welcome to PF.:flowers:
    I don't think it looks like an old lady bag at all! It's a very nice looking bag but IMO a little too dressy for every day use.
  3. Welcome Michelle! It's a gorgeous bag and I say if you like it, you should get it! Looking forward to more posts from you and please don't forget to post a picture of which ever bag you choose! We would LOVE to see it!
  4. Welcome to tpf! I think that if you are partial to the bag, you should definitely get it...or, visit your local LV and try on 4938274298347 bags (I tend to do that ;)) to find the one that's perfect for you!

    Good luck on your decision and congrats on your upcoming anniversary!
  5. Welcome and happy 10th!
  6. Welcome Michelle, this is the problem we all have. Once you really start to look at them all, you can't decide. And just when you think you have want another one anyway!!!!!! Hop aboard, your in for a long ride!!!!!!!!!
  7. Welcome!! :yahoo:I had my eyes on that bag too but it does look a bit boring. Maybe give your hubbie a list of what you like and see what he thinks of it? I usually love my bag even more if my parents and SO also like the same bag but then I'm corny that way. :Push:
  8. IMO I dont think the highbury is "an old lady bag" at all.....I love damier and i think it would be great as any everyday bag because it's roomy and it have a very unique shape.
  9. Damier is very classic. I dont think its an old lady bag at all. If you like it, that's what matters.
  10. The Highbury is nice but I feel it is a little boring. LV makes so many bags with more character to them.
  11. Congratulations on your 10th anniversary. Honestly, I love the Highbury bag and don't think it looks "old ladyish" at all. It's beautiful!
  12. I personally don't like Damiers, but I adore the style of the Highbury!!! Shoulder bags are more versatile than handheld, the shape is very curvy (very feminine!!!), and I luv the lil details, such as the side gussets! Nice choice! So if you like it, then go for it! The bag should speak about and represent YOU! :biggrin:
  13. Hi.!! Im from Vancouver!! and no the bag doesn't look like an old lady bag!! its a very nice choice!