First Poem ever hope you like...LOL

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  1. ** This is my first attempt at writing poetry. Comments are very welcome. TIA. Holly

    My Bad Obsession

    Designer bags are like friends
    Gotta have the latest trends
    Hermes, Fendi, Prada
    Ooh Ahh I go gaga
    Louis, Gucci,Chanel Oh my
    Why stop buying why try
    Blue,Green,Purple, Red
    Oh but I need a new bed
    I can go without rest
    Till I find the newest most best
    Bag of my dreams
    And she screams
    Why oh why hasn’t it been found
    She hears this sound
    Its her mind racing
    She figures shes facing
    Another whole level
    That she might revel
    In being a designer bag hoarder
    And finally placing a custom order
  2. Hey is cute! Great first poem!
  3. Thank you so much!!! Glad you enjoyed it.:hugs:
  4. Very cute just like the dog in your pic.
  5. Thank you I appreciate that.
  6. Love the poem. Thanks for starting this thread it is something new and refreshing.
  7. Very nice. Maybe your next topic can be shoes!

  8. You are VERY welcome and THANK YOU...Glad you loved it.:smile:
  9. Thank you.Oh dont you know it...LOL:smile:
  10. This is the cutest poem! So true! LOVE it!
  11. THANK YOU. Im so glad you loved it.:smile::yahoo:
  12. LOL! Love it..
  13. THANK YOU...So glad you loved it!!! I will be working on some more in the near future. I think Im going to do one on high end gorgeous shoes!!!:smile:
  14. hahah cute.
  15. cute poem.. :smile: can i post it on my blog? ill put your name and link to this post :smile: if thats okay with you. i find it really cute. :smile:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.