First Pix from Spring 07 Look Book (Including Heart Shaped Coin Purse!)

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  1. OK, I am really sorry, only one of the pics I took came out. If no other pix come out, I will go back this week to LV when it is not so crazy and take more pix of the look book. It was hard because I am not an expert with my camera, and the pages all have plastic on them. However I will describe to you what I saw.
  2. Awesome thank you thank you thank if only I had a price and then I could call the store.
  3. Thanks for that! :heart:
  4. Thanks for sharing! Wow... Starting to look good for 2007 already:love:
  5. Baby/Diaper Bags: I think they were similar to the Monogram Mini Line. One was beige I think which will be permanent, the other 2 were pastel pink or blue and limited, come out in the next few weeks.

    Vernis and accessories: In white, red, or hot pink (framboise?) No price yet, comes out by Jan 7. pictured above.

    LVOE totes: Available around Jan 25-Feb 7. In white canvas, violet or khaki satin with LVOE beaded in silver and gold. White canvas about $1700, satin bags about $1600.

    Monogram Canvas with lace overlay: Hard to explain and blurry pictures. A few styles (speedy 30 is one) that looks like regular monogram canvas with a white lace overlay. I'm not sure if this is silk screened or an actual piece of lace. Speedy was about $1200.

    A few new styles with the plate (LV l'inventeur...) a la sophia. including a pochette, and a larger style. Note, SOPHIA was not in the look book!!!

    The denim bags look outrageous. Not my style.

    The white studed motorcycle bag in the new scar jo ad comes in black also and is just over $3000.

    I promise to go back soon and take notes and more pix for you!!!
  6. Cute cute, what is the envelope plate? It looks pretty cute!
    Thanks for sharing!!!
  7., I need to get the heart shape coin purse! Thanks!
  8. Thanks! The only thing I really want is the heart coin purse, thank goodness. Lol.
  9. The envelope plate looks very good in the picture. Like a small clutch with some cute charms. I think this will be a hit!
  10. I can't wait to see all this stuff. I went to LV the other day and they didn't have the book yet...I probably missed it by a day! I am so glad you shared photos though.
    Do you know if the denim wristlet is not going to be made? My SA wasn't 100% sure on it. If it isn't I might check into that Envelope Plate. Wonder how expensive its going to be...I've got to stop spending money!!!:wtf:
  11. ooooh I LIKE! I like the pastilles and the coin purse...can't wait for January 1st! Thanks for the info!
  12. Thanks for posting!!!! :biggrin:
  13. I so want the heart shaped coin purse!
  14. thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!!

    thats so sweet of you to take the time to take and post the pics! THANK YOU!!! :flowers:
  15. OMG i want the coin purse!! its soooo CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so its launching jan 1st for sure??? should we go on waiting list?
    and is it limitedd???