First piece of LV luggage?

  1. I am looking to purchase a nice size LV bag for weekend travel; however, I need it to be able to fit in the overhead compartment on a plane. Which is the largest bag that will fit onboard a plane? Also, should I get mono or damier?

    Keep your fingers crossed that Elux has free back to school shipping soon or some other promotion! :smile:
  2. Becca, the largest of the Keepalls in the 55. I don't know about the luggage pieces like the Peaguses.
  3. I believe 55 is the largest keepall and pegase 60 is the largest of the pegases you are allowed to bring as a carry on (on trasatlantic flights, not sure about domestic). Go with damier! It won't show dirty marks and it doesn't stand out like mono LV does (I don't think you want than kind of attention when you travel).
  4. I like the Damier Keepall 50 but it does not come with a shoulder strap. I wonder if I can buy one?
  5. i like the Monogram Carryall. it's so cute, and it can hold a lot :yes:

    the Damier or Taiga Pegase 50 or 60 would be good too
  6. Ooh, I just saw the Pegases in Damier; a little over my price range, but beautiful!
  7. There is a pic of damier keepall in the May issue of Bazaar and in the pic it has a strap attached. It's tiny blurb about celebs favorite travel items. I think you can buy the strap for sure (if it doesn't come with one).:yes:
  8. I've had my mono 50 on domestic and international multiple times and beleive it or not, it didn't get super dirty. The vachetta is fragile but just use common sense like not setting it down in wet looking areas, visibly dirty areas etc.
  9. I completely agree on the durability of the mono keepall! I like to travel empty handed so I used to always check my keepall 60! You would never have guessed that the bag has been through the plane's luggage compartment as many times as it did!!!
  10. I thought Damier Keepall 50 is not the bandoliere one. The one they have that is bandoliere is the Damier Keepall 55. And depending on your height, I think Keepall 55 is a little too big. I prefer Keepall 50 as carry on or even a weekend bag. Keep one thing in mind though, the more you stuffed into the Keepall, it will get heavy and I don't think that's what you want to have to deal with when you are walking a lot and have to carry it on your shoulder or arms in the airport. Just my 2 cents.

    I personally adore my Carryall, it might be a little small, but depending on what you have to pack. I use it to go to the gym.

    What about other travel bag like Evasion, or Alize 24 Heures? Those are great size for carry on or even as a weekend luggage.

    Good luck!
  11. The largest Keepall is 60. And the largest Pegase is 70. However, I think the allowable sizes for domestic carry on is Keepall 55, 50, 45 and Pegase 60, and 50.

  12. What I meant was that the largest of the Keepalls allowed on the plane is the 55. The 60 (when full) doesn't fit in the overhead.
  13. My mom is buying me a piece of luggage as an early Christmas present and also said she is buying me the Nice Beauty Case (she saw it and loved it and is insisting I have it. :love: )

    I originally wanted a Damier piece but now since I'm also getting the beauty case, I'm thinking I'm going to have to go with mono so they match...

    And I'm torn between the Pegase 60 and the Keepall 55! How do you decide which one to get?? The Keepall looks more like "me" and yet I love the Pegase, too.

    Never thought buying a piece of luggage would be such a hard decision! :P
  14. Lucky girl! I love the beauty cases!
  15. Me, too! I love any cosmetic case. I think I have almost all the ones Sephora has ever made - LOL! But getting this one from LV is amazing! I can't wait -- the elux picture is now my computer background so I can stare at it all day long. :heart: