First Pic Posting on TPF! Bronze Tote

  1. pls bear with me as I get the hang of posting pics! This is my Bronze tote and an action shot going out in Vegas earlier this year!!! :yahoo:
    IMG_0097_1_1_1.JPG IMG_0100_2_1_1.JPG IMG_0101trim.jpg IMG_0069.jpg
  2. omg.. it's gorgeous!!! :love:
  3. Stunning!!
  4. Stunning. I be cock-a-hoop owing this babe.
  5. Oh wow...I'm not usually a fan of metallic bags but that one is to die for!!!:heart:
  6. :tup: NICE!!! I like the colour~
  7. congrats!! :biggrin:
  8. That is a gorgeous bag!! Congratulations, I love it!