First PF RM post, and also, what bag should i get?

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  1. Hi, this is my first post on the RM forum, but i have been a RM fan since i got my first bag in late 2012, got a mini mac then and ever since i can't stop, lol, i just love RM! I just wanted to ask you guys, since i already got a mini mac and i'm going to make another RM purchase this week, i was just wondering, what do you think, should i get another mini mac (or 2, lol) or a full sized mac? IDK, i can fit my stuff in the mini mac just fine but it looks a little bulky, but i'm only 5'5 and maybe the mac will look too big and weird on me, i'm just unsure, so, what you guys think? :ty:
  2. I think you should get a full sized MAC! I love the size and it fits everything i need. I'm also 5'5 and i don't find it overwhelming at all.

    Heres a pic of Reese Witherspoon with one and she's only 5'1!

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  3. I agree..go for a f/s!
  4. i'd recommend a mini Cupid. it looks small but it's more spacious than a mini-MAC or even a MAC. it looks gorgeous but the drawback is the shoulder strap is shorter than the one for your mini-MAC. it might look odd if you wear it as a crossbody.
  5. I would also go for the full size MAC, I am 5'2 and I have a fully size 5 zip, I love it and don't think it looks too big it is a great very versatile bag!
  6. Here is a pic of mine for reference too.

  7. I used to only buy mini macs because I thought the regular sized one would look too big (I'm 5'1"). After buying a regular sized one, I almost always choose it over the minis because the extra room is just so nice. All my things would fit in the mini, but now it feels too snug compared to the regular one.
  8. Thanks girls! I've decided to get a full size MAC! My mini MAC looks sooo stuffed, that i can see the seams at the zipper track :nono: besides i can really use the extra room, so, can't wait to get a MAC! :yahoo:
    Now i just gotta choose the color :sweatdrop:
  9. BTW, is the MAC chain longer than the mini MAC? It looks a bit longer
  10. Your MAC is gorgeous! What color is it??

  11. It's Deep Purple, and Thank You!
  12. I think you'll love the extra room on the fs MAC. I'm a mom so I usually carry large bags but I can often fit everything I need into the FS MAC. It's surprisingly spacious.

    Hope you love it!
  13. I'm sure i'll love it, especially since i'll be able to fit more in it hahah, now i just gotta choose the color, that's the hard part :wlae: lol :P
  14. I have a mini too and I'd say you made the right choice going for the full-size MAC. My mini is an special events only bag because I can't fit much into it!

    RM has some fantastic spring colors to choose from! There's a nice bright coral, and I'm currently obsessed with the MAC in peach with gunmetal hardware.
  15. I'm 5'3 and I love full size macs and own MANY. I especially love it in the leathers that start to break in and mold a little to your body when wearing it crossbody