First Pair

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  1. Hey ladies, so I love high heels but I really don't wear them them that often because I am very clumsy lol. But I have loved Louboutins for a while now and I finally decided to buy my first pair and I need some advice, what is the first pair that I should get and the height that I should get them in. I'm an undergrad student so I won't be wearing them everyday just for date nights so I also need help in what color but I would like to stick to neutrals that can go with everything. Also what styles should I get I love the piaglle and the simple pump but are there any other classic styles that would make a great first pair, ( I do like the ron ron) lol sorry I would love any advice that you ladies can give me
  2. I would say keep to a 100 heel height with no platform or 120 with platform esp if you are a little clumsy in heels. There's no shame in admitting that, I'm hardly the best in them either.

    For a classic court shoe I would say something like Ron Ron, Pigalle 100, Décolleté 868.. It depends on your feet and how they fit. But I like those silhouettes in general.

    Other classics for me would be something like Very Prive 120 and Bianca 140 (it's high but it's a lovely shoe).

    In terms of colour/finish I think something like black Jazz (high shine leather) or black patent is always a winner as is patent nude. I tend to wear a lot of black and will probably always be biased towards a black shoe but I think having a shine to them just elevates it slightly.

    The only real advice is to try as many styles on as possible to get the best fit and style for you. Good luck!!
  3. Mularice thank you for you're help I am looking at the shoes online and a lot of them appeared to be sold out, on Friday I am gonna go to the Miami botique and try on the shoes hopefully they will have the pairs that I like. I feel a new addiction coming up lol. Quick question does the patent scuff quickly? Because I love the patent shoes but knowing my clumsiness I will scuff as soon as I wear them out

  4. My first pair were black patent 100 mm Ron Rons, so I agree completely with you! I don't have any regrets. I only wear them on special occasions and the leather still looks brand new. I don't wear high heels on a daily basis, but I wore these to a wedding once and I manager to dance around in them for quite a few hours before switching to flats.

    I also agree about trying on as many styles as possible! When I bought mine, I only knew I wanted a black classic pair. So I tried every pair that fit this description ( a lot!) and fell in love with Ron Ron. So definitely have an open mind. I love how we can do all our research online, but trying them on is the real test. And have fun while shopping :smile:

  5. I don't think the patent scuffs that quickly. The only thing I have ever done is rip the leather on one of my heels. But my SA ordered me the leather so I could have it replaced.
  6. Elisa 100 in black patent is a beautiful and comfortable shoe. My first Louboutins, strongly recommended.
  7. My New Simples are the most comfy by far and a great go-to shoe. However, I wear my Decoltissimo 100s all the time because I love the silhouette and they are semi-comfy. LOL
  8. Thank you ladies for all the suggestions, I have a feeling I am going to be coming home from the botique with more than one pair as it is so hard to pick just one from this beautiful collection of shoes...all of you're advice was very helpful and greatly needed as i have no idea what I am doing since I have only bought two pairs of high heels in my entire life and I am 24 years old so I am in very new territory lol
  9. My first pair was the camel patent Elisa 100. I love it as my first pair! But I would have got black kid leather if I could. Black patent and nude patent are always nice and easy to wear as well. But black kid is easier to fix when it comes to a rip on the heel.

    Style-wise, I would stay with the classic close toes - Pigalle 100, Elisa 100, Ron Ron 100, Decolette 868, Fifi 100. These are without platforms and easy to walk in, at least for me. Consider Charleen if you like Mary Jane style. It's a Ron Ron with straps.

    Classics with platforms are usually Pigalle Plato 120, Rolando 120, Bianca 120 or 140. Rolando 120 is one of my favorite style, little platform with almond toe. But they are uncomfortable for many so make sure you try them on.

    HTH and make sure you post back when you get it :smile:

  10. all of those shoes sound so nice in going down to the botique today to try on shoes!!! I really am leaning towards the Pigalle or the simple pump but let's see maybe I'll fall in love with something else

  11. Ah yes the simples and new simples! My second pair is black kid simple. It's a staple! Good luck
  12. so an update I went to my bloomingand I fell in love with the Pigalle 100 but unfortunately they did not have them in my size but the Lovely SA told me that she would call me when theh come in I'm thinking of getting them in nude and black and I saw an electric blue pair and I loved them too ugh I'm in love 😍
  13. :goodpost: +1 for great advice!! Exactly what I would have recommended.