First pair! What do you recommend?

  1. I'm finally purchasing my first pair, and cannot decide between the black patent Ronaldo's, black patent Filo's, or leopard calf hair Filo's. Suggestions! I love the black cut out booties as well... And live in the northeast so they would get a decent amount of use.
  2. good choice to purchase your first pair, it´s never too early :biggrin: i don´t know how many cl you want to purchase in future but i´d go for a classic like the black patent ronaldo´s. they are more comfy that the filo´s with 120mm heel, but if you are confident in walking with high heels go for the filo´s, they are really nice! and they are better to walk in than the pigalle because of the nice little plateau! so my vote goes for the classic ronaldo!
  3. Thank you!! I wear a lot of pour la victiore heels now so I'm comfortable with height. I'm also only 5'4". I will keep those suggestions in mind! I'm obsessed with leopard, but I can't help but think I'll destroy the calf hair and be sorry.
  4. Hair calf is fairly hard to destroy imo, unless you get the heels caught and scrape them. Also, the Rolandos toe box is a killer, alot of ladies on here cannot wear them because of that. So, unless you can try a pair on I think it's safest to stay with the filo or the booties for your first pair.
  5. Good to know! Being its my first pair and I won't be buying more than one, I just can't choose!! I appreciate the advice. My feet are wide, so that crosses the Ronaldos out. Thanks!
  6. I would choose a classic pair or a pair that I love so much, it's a very personal decision.
    Let us know what you decide finally ;)
    Good luck!
  7. First pair IMO should be a more classic style- one you can wear your whole life and after that branch out in to crazy styles/ colours so I vote the filo :smile:
  8. Ahh love the feedback. Will let you know what I end up getting!! Can't wait.
  9. The Filo has the same heel as Fifi and I've read that they break easily, even when the wearer is not heavy. Maybe you'd like to keep that in mind. Apart from that, from the 3 shoes you mentioned black patent filo gets my vote.
    Whatever you choose will be awesome!
  10. Definitely don't get the Rolando! The toe box is too painful for a lot of people. I vote for the leopard Filo. Calf hair looks so cool and feels soft. Also, leopard goes with anything and is so much fun!
  11. Yeah, I have a hard time going just for the plain black pair, when I can easily get a black pump anywhere... I now keep looking at the leopard filo and the beaded leopard prive... I have a thing for leopard!!!
  12. Between the two I love the leopard prives more but that's just me
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    I think this is a decision that you need to make yourself since it's your first pair and NOT ask for others' opinions :yes:
    Buy what your heart desires, not what we desire.

    If you already have 1-2 pairs that you're contemplating, we can help give pointers to make your decision easier. However, if you're kinda lost (which is understandable with all these styles from Louboutin these days), then you need to make a list of your priorities first and narrow them down yourself first. I think the best way is to try them out in person. Good luck!
  14. I agree and I need to try them all on. I'm just curious if those who got a classic black pair first regretted it later. It really is going to come down to a black patent pair or one of the leopard pairs. Maybe I'll just get two and the hell with deciding!! Haha. I appreciate everyone's feedback 😊😊😊
  15. do you have classic black pumps already (non CL of course)? if so, go for leopard. you can always get the black ones later. everyone needs fun shoes.