First pair of Manolos! Fit help please...


Mar 8, 2007
Hi everyone!

So I FINALLY got my first pair of Manolos. I decided to go with the basic black pumps (C PARA Pump). They are 4 inch pointy toe leather pumps. When I tried on my regular size (36.5 or 6.5) in the store they felt great everywhere except the toe area...little snug there. Now, I wear a lot of pointy toe shoes, so I know that style sometimes needs breaking in. I told the SA at Neiman that it felt snug. Knowing that Manolo runs a little small, she brought a 7. I tried that and the 7 wasn't too big, but it honestly felt like it would be too loose for me. I like a snug fit and the 7 felt like if I ran in them they would come off. Or after breaking in they would be too big.

So the SA stretched the 6.5's for me and whoalah! Perfect. Well this morning I go to put them on and they are tight in the toe area again. Are they too little or do they just need breaking in?

I have never worn Manolos, so I am not sure ....

Thanks so much !!!


Jan 16, 2009
I am a 9.5 and I always buy a 40. I put heel pads in if they stretch out too much. But I dont have to do that too often. I have never even tried to do a 39.5....just too tight in the toes. No need for the pain.