First pair of Louboutins?

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    Hey ladies! I'm looking to get my first pair of Louboutins and don't know which pair to get so I'm looking for some opinions here based on looks, how comfortable, etc. I was looking at either getting the black Rolandos or the New Simple Pumps. I love both equally so I'm really counting on the opinions here! I'm looking for a versatile pair of shoes that have a heel height of 120mm. Any other suggestions are welcome and thanks!
  2. I have a pair of Bianca's and I LOVE them! Very sexy pair of heels. I also have a pair of the asteroid pumps an their great. :smile:
  3. I've read that the rolando toebox is a killer. If you want comfort and a go to shoe, I suggest the new simple. I do not have either one. I can suggest also miss boxe 100mm. I have this and love that it is stylish, comfy and sexy even though it's a 100.
  4. To be honest Rolandos are killers. I love the way they look on, but every time I wear them, My feet hurt really bad after only a short while. New simple I've heard are very comfy!
  5. I have both the Rolandos and the New Simple. The Rolandos are a bit above a 120 and the pitch and toe box make them difficult to wear more than a few hours. I can wear my New Simples all day at work without a problem.
  6. New simples or Ron Ron (100mm) would be my suggestion
  7. For the New Simples, did you have to size up or down? Or do they run TTS?
  8. They run TTS for me
  9. I have both pairs and the new simple are more comfy. I got the new simples CL TTS and the rolandos half a size up from my CL TTS.
  10. I totally agree dc!!! On comfort and sizing!!
  11. Ron Ron. But, some people say the toe box is killer in the Rolando but I disagree, my feet are okay there. When you are comparing apples and oranges, you really need to try on a few pairs, find which ones work, and then decide.
  12. I agree with the other posters about the Rolandos. I have them and they are beautiful but of the 5 pairs of Loubies I have, they are the least comfy.
  13. To wear on an everyday basis, definitely the New Simple or classic Simple 100/85 to start with. I also like Very Prive (peep toes) and Fifi =D
  14. I don't own a Rolando so I can't compare. But I *can* say that if you get a New Simple in the correct size, it's a comfortable pair of shoes.