First Pair of Louboutins unpopular opinion...

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  1. So, I have this notion that some things are classics and will forever be closet staples. Classic black Louboutins to are me one of them. I got the suede Eloise 100. genuine suede to me indicates luxury and makes shoes look so much better. I'll be honest, I've lurked on some post where people notice minuscule microscopic flaws that I've rolled my eyes at. I wasn't expecting aldo quality for a $700 pair of shoes. It seems harsh but its true. I've bought better quality Saks brand suede pumps on sale for less $100. I feel so disappointed that I played into "hype" like all I'm paying for is the brand and not the quality. I'm contemplating sending these back to Net-A-Porter. I really hope this was a glitch and not indicative of the brand quality.
    IMG_0091 (1).JPG IMG_0092 (1).JPG IMG_0093.jpg IMG_0095.jpg IMG_0096 (1).JPG IMG_0096.jpg IMG_0098 (1).JPG IMG_0098.jpg IMG_0099 (1).JPG IMG_0099.jpg
  2. Sorry it happened to you. :sad:
    I would just send back the shoes.
  3. I'd return the shoes.

    Some of my CL shoes have worn horribly. Disappointing.
  4. This is the height of disappointment. I went online instead of making the 3 hour drive to the closest retailer and I've never felt more regret. Its subpar quality and not the charming character flaws of artisanal handcrafted flaw. Anyone who's owned suede CL's can you tell me if this is a fluke or pretty standard?
  5. Suede is delicate and that kind of wear happen on pressure points where the shoe lies against the box. However, my suede pairs do not look like that. Sure, they have spots that have worn even when brand new in box, but not to that degree.
  6. Yes definitely return if you are not satisfied!
  7. Return!
  8. I agree you played into the hype. I did too and bought many CLs. Got rid of all of them except my two Simples which I barely wear. In my opinion, and I know this is a CL forum, but CL is not comfy, nothing extraordinary. CL boutiques used to be packed but I just went past one and it was dead. Gucci was totally packed and their shoe dept was swamped. Maybe look at Gucci, Chanel.
  9. All my suede shoes look like that after sometime.
  10. The
    I think that it's fair for a pair of suede shoes to look like that after a few wears. What's unreasonable is that they look like that inbox.
  11. So the saga continues. I contacted Net-A-Porter. They were speedy in their communication. I was promised they would ship a new pair as soon as they received the ones I sent back. I begin stalking UPS in anticipation. Surely this will be the pair and all my fantasies and dreams will come true. NOPE, it's the exact same pair that I sent. All they did was repackage it. I find it hard to believe it was another pair with the EXACT same flaws on the side and the back. I'm super disappointed. How dishonest!!! I'm going to have to take a hard pass. I guess these won't be for me. I bought 3 pairs of suede Nicholas Kirkwood Mira pumps on sale for the price of the Eloise and the quality is far superior. If I get the opportunity to make the 4-hour drive to Chicago I might contemplate making a purchase. But for now, I'm no longer a fan.
  12. Sorry to hear about your bad experience. Actually, I would just return the heels to net-a-porter and order them somewhere else. I am not sure if it's the 'bad quality' from CL or the shoes have been returned by some other people before net-a-porter sending them to you without checking the quality...
    Just last week, I ordered a merino pullover form them, it looks 100% brand new but it has a defect around 3 cm on the sleeves. At the end I just sent it back and got the refund.
    The lack of quality check is obvious. :annoyed:
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  13. I agree, I’ve had a problem with damaged shoes from Net-a-Porter as well, never on any other source.
  14. omg! you'd probably return it... you paid quite enough for getting high quality
  15. I dont understand.... you haven't worn those shoes?
    Those shoes are CLEARLY used. Complain to net-a-porter this isnt a CL problem. What do the soles look like?