first pair of louboutins! advice needed


Feb 13, 2016
I have my eyes on the decollete, but I don't know what height or colour to get them in. I'm looking at the 45mm because that should work more for my daily life (marching around campus and classy enough for my intern office job) but im not sure if a short heel is something that looks good?

actually, i measured a pair of heels Im currently wearing and they're 70mm so I think ill go for the 70mm since theyre fine. still need help on the colour though!

I'm also torn between nude and black... If I were buying a taller heel I'd probably go for the nude, for that whole leg-lengthening thing, but I'm not sure.. I wear a lot of black but I also wear quite a bit of navy and sometimes grey, and i don't think that would look good with black heels?

more about what i'm going to wear them for: for day to day in college, i usually either wear shorts in the summer or ankle cropped skinnies, which is why I'm thinking about the nude. i have an intern job (also I go to mock trial competitions) so I need something formal, and black seems a bit classier?

also, is decollete the right style for a wider and longish front-of-the-foot?
i dont know if im just overthinking this! maybe its just because theyre going to be my first louboutins :P
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