First Pair of Jimmy Choo's|| Glitter Romy Ballerina

  1. I've wanted a pair of Romy ballerinas for years, ever since I saw them in black patent but I could never justify the price for such a plain shoe. Late last year, I was in the Jimmy Choo boutique when I saw the glitter Romy ballerinas and I really wanted a pair but once again I didn't want to splurge. I was fortunate enough to catch a pair on sale from £395 ($496) to £220 ($276) buy my size was out of stock!. Luckily for me, I was blessed with endless persistence and the other morning, (1 AM to be exact) one pair in my size came back in stock!

    I purchased them and the shipment was very swift. The shoes are true to size, comfortable and drop-dead gorgeous. I really like the glitter Romy line and I envisage myself purchasing another pair soon.

    [GALLERY=media, 1828][/GALLERY]​
  2. Can you upload mod shots?
  3. Beautiful!
  4. To die for! I've also been lusting after a pair of dark blue glitter ones for ages however here in Australia they are around $700 and when their on sale $550-450 for flats. :confused1: I tend to prefer to buy the jimmy Choo heels instead when they go on sale here....sigh...

    Enjoy your lovely new flats! :heart::P
  5. The Romy 100s in glitter are on sale in DJ. $760, take 40% off so $450. Saw a few pairs still available in Perth hay street mall on Monday. IMG_0981.JPG
  6. Omgosh! Really? Im in Melbourne tho... I will need to check our the city's DJ and see Jimmy choos are left on sale
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  7. You can order interstate, they'll ship it to you. One of the other members here ordered a valentino rockstud flats from the hay street store, and she mentioned she's from Brisbane
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  8. Thanks for letting me know!
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