First pair of heels..

  1. I've never been a shoe girl....until now.. :smile:

    I am VERY short (like 5'0) and I decided that since I am no longer a teen anymore I need to start wearing heels..(I love how they look!)

    Well, I have just fallen in love with Steve Madden heels (I'm a beginner..dont worry someday I will progress onto Blahniks and Jimmy Choos!) so I just purchased these online..tell me what u think. I love them because they look like I can wear them to church and out at night..what do u think? think I made a good choice as a first pair? :yahoo:
  2. I think you made an excellent choice, those are gorgeous!!
  3. They are very versatile. Excellent choice! =)
  4. great choice!!!enjoy them!!
  5. Very good choice! they are lovely.
  6. Beautiful! :love:
  7. I'm with everyone here, gorgeous! Great choice!
  8. I love them! Those are the best first pair! They can look perfect for any style, like for conservative occasions or for dressing up. Great choice! :yes:
  9. Great choice- a classic- the perfect start!
  10. yeah those are very yummy! :drool: