First pair of dior sunglasses!

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  1. I just got these sunglasses, I think they are called gauchos? LOVE EM

  2. These sunnies are fabulous! They look great on you, Congrats!
  3. Congrats! i was thinking of buying that sunnies!
  4. They look great on you! I love the Gaucho glasses, I have the same ones!! :tup:
  5. congrats!! :biggrin:
  6. They are hot - congrats!:smile:
  7. Very very nice!! I love Dior sunglasses :smile:
  8. they look fantastic on you! the gaucho shades are one of the best designs of sunnies from dior, imo.
  9. Very pretty sunnies
  10. those r hot!
  11. they look so gorgeous on you i am sooo jealous! :drool:( no sunglasses ever look good on me *sulks* )
  12. They look fab. on you!
  13. Looks good on you! You wear them nicely, too many people wear these big sunglasses way too high up on the nose, resluting in a really large looking jaw. :Push:
  14. not here spammy!
  15. they looks awesome on you. love dior shades.