First pair of CL's - THOUGHTS??

  1. They are beautiful, but for everyday?, no, they are suede, so you will have to suede treat them I'd recommend professionally before wearing them...soo pretty though, lt us know what you decide :smile:
  2. they are beautiful
  3. a pure beauty, but those heels, ouch!!the colour is great for summer!
  4. I like them! Since they are suede I would suggest getting them treated or treat them yourself before you wear them (if you decide to get them). I used to have those shoes in a teal color- they were pretty comfortable and not hard to walk in at all because of the platform.
  5. Somewhat OT, but I sprayed my suede CLs with apple garde, and mine have been OK. The suede is amazing, BTW.
  6. Price isn't that bad. I wouldn't pay more than $500 ... it's the predecessor to the very prive style. Yoyo prive, I think?
  7. Cute shoes! Go for them if you really like them! We are enabling you! (I like that term!)

    For a first pair, I bought myself a pair of his black boots as a basic staple item. Something that wont change in style. My opinion would be to find a basic pair of kid leather black or brown basic pumps like the VPs, Simples, Declics, Decollettes, etc...

    Good luck!!!
  8. These are great shoes!
    I'm not sure if I would purchase a suede CL for my first pair, I think that I would prefer something in patent.
  9. I agree. Kid leather or patent for first pair.
  10. Agree with others here...get a more durable pair for your first pair. =)