First pair of CLs - questions!

  1. Been obsessing over these for a while now, and they popped up in an 8.5 today on NM - I couldn't resist....

    Picture from NM -


    My questions are -

    I usually would order an 8 in a shoe like this. Will an 8.5 work? I tried on a pair of CL ankle tie wedges in a 9 before, and they were way to big.

    How well do these skinny heels hold up to someone who is not exactly skinny wearing them?

    I probably shouldn't have ordered them, but I love the look. Maybe I'm going through a midlife crisis? Someone who is a total klutz, 48, and has back problems and bad knees probably shouldn't even be looking at these. But I want them!!!!
  2. My SA said the run small depending on which style you get.

    It seems if the toes is rounder is TTS, but the pointy shoes run small.

    Ladies, correct me if im wrong, but thats what I have heard.
  3. CL is very inconsistent in size depending on the style. i have worn 37 up to 39 depending on the styles and fabric.

    toe is rounder you should still go up 1/2 a size. pointy shoes i would say about 1 size up just to be on the safe side.
  4. I have those...generally I wear a CL's I wear 40 or 40 1/2...I bought these in give you an idea.

    My best advice would be to try any and all CL's before you buy them...sizing really ALWAYS depends on the style.

    I'm not exactly "skinny" either....hehehe...but to be honest, I haven't worn these yet (see "commitment issues..." thread, lol) However, CL is a great quality shoe, and I'm sure they'll hold both of us up just fine!!
  5. Thanks all!!!

    I'm really hoping going up a half size will work.....I guess I'll know when I get them.
    NM is showing that they should arrive by 10/1....I'm hoping sooner.

    I just love these shoes!!!!