FIRST pair of BV boots!!

  1. I just got these and I am in :heart:!!

    Hope you like them....:love:
  2. Those are gorgeous!
  3. Those are HOT! Tres chic!
  4. :nuts:

  5. Stunning!!! Congrats...I love the color!!! :drool:
  6. They are so nice.

    I wish I could wear boots like that.

    How can you walk in them haha?
  7. Congratulations.

    love love love love them!!!!
  9. Nice!

  10. HAHA, until I no longer kept falling ;)

    Thanks, all, I :heart: them too!!
  11. Very sexy:graucho:
  12. Nice boots. Congrats.
  13. Those boots are absolutely beautiful!! I'd probably spend all my time looking at them rather than wearing them! Lol!
  14. They are absolutely gorgeous!! Is the leather soft like the purses? The style and color are perfect--wish I could wear something like that. You will look HOT!:yes:
  15. The leather is incredibly soft, and they are super-comfy. I wore them all day yesterday and did not get tired or had my feet hurting. Thanks!!:yes: