First Pair EVER - Help me decide :)

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  1. Hi Girls! I am traveling to NY this next week, and want to purchase my first paiR OF CL's! I want a pair that aren't too tall, and something black that I can almost wear with anything. Anyone have any ideas? What's a shoe by CL that will last me forever and look good with anything? Post pics if you have them please :smile:

  2. Hello michelle4444 and welcome to the CL forum! I suggest you visit our reference library and get an idea of what shoes you like, then when you go to the boutique, you can request to try them on. Good luck and please post pics when (if) you get a pair (or 2 :biggrin:)!
  3. Thank you!!
  4. I think it would depend if you want open toe or closed toe and also, platform or no platform.

    My recommendations would be a black New Simple or Pigalle. You really can't go wrong with iconic styles.
  5. my advice is to go into the store and buy whatever you like in person with your own eyes...isnt that the best way?
  6. Something *Simples* I guess. You can wear them with anything!
  7. michelle4444, I agree with what everyone else has said, and I think for your first pair, the New Simples would be great. They have a platform, they're timeless, and they're easy to walk in. My first pair were the simples and I still wear them a lot. But, when the New Simples came in, I loved them even more. Very comfortable because of the platform and heel height, and if you buy them in a neutral color (black, grey, nude), you'll wear them forever and with everything you own. Good luck!!!
  8. It's sad you can't get to a real store befor your NY trip... because sometimes you enter in for a speciful design and even if it's there you fall in love at first sight for another x)
  9. My vote is for a classic style.....But I love a platform for comfort. Maybe a New Simple if you want a closed toe or the LH Altadama if you want an open toe;) Whatever you decide, good luck! I can't wait to hear about the adventure of the purchase and see modeling pics!
  10. Thanks everybody!! Also, do you guys know if Barneys/Saks CL's ever go on sale? I thought I read somewhere on here here that they bought there CL's on sale. Is that true? and does anybody know when they have sales? The "nicest" most expensive store we have here in Utah is Nordstrom.
  11. This year they started around Christmas - sales right about now are running out though. The next round happens around July/August (if I'm not mistaken). had CLs about 2 weeks ago. Barney' posts a few here and there, but their site is pretty unreliable.

    I bought some New Simples on sale a year ago - but they were bronze. Never saw the black ones go on sale.
  12. Are the sales online and in stores? Or only in stores?
  13. Like somebody else said it depends on whether you prefer a peep toe or closed toe.

    Peep toe: black patent Very Prive or Numero Prive; The Horatio Street boutique for sure has these in stock, depending on your size.

    Closed toe: black patent decollete