FIRST PAIR!! Bought These But Not Sure What They Are??

  1. Hi girls

    Well, I have my first pair of Louboutins! Well, I don't HAVE them yet, they are on their way to me. BUT I am not sure what they are! I have asked in the Authenticate this thread but no one has replied :rolleyes:

    They are listed as Yo Yo's but when I search I can't find any similar. Are they really old style? Got them for a good price so not too bothered.



  2. Congrats poshchick! Those are suede very prives. Please post modeling pics when they arrive!
  3. Congrats, if I am not mistaken these are the Very prive in suede, one of my favorite Cl styles I have the kid version with the red tip so beautiful and really comfy you will love them!
  4. Oh I'm so glad you are saying that :smile: They were listed as yo yo's :confused1: but from reading this forum I thought that wasn't right!

    So are these really old style?
  5. ooh they're lovely!
  6. You should be excited because you will love them.
  7. They could have been made a while back (not sure), but the very prive style is classic regardless. I wouldn't worry about when they were made. They are very pretty and look brand new. Enjoy them and a great deal!
  8. Thanks :smile: I thought for the price they were (£125 - $250) they were quite a good deal do you think? Plus they are a neutral colour so will go with most things :smile:

    Can't wait to get my modelling pics up! :smile: x
  9. ^^ Congrats that is an excellent price and they look like they are in great condition!
  10. Thanks Noegirl :smile: They are brand new, have never been worn. Don't think they will be worn by me either - scared about ruining the red sole! hehee
  11. Girl shoes are meant to be worn! Wear them while you still can and just take them to a great cobbler and have them seal the sole or put a red rubber sole on it
  12. Thanks noegirl - hopefully they should be here tomorrow so will post modelling pics (assuming they fit!) x
  13. posch: did you get them, yet?:yes:
  14. Hi yes I got them - posted pics in the pics thread! :smile:
  15. Well girls... after being out this evening and wore the shoes, battled with heel grips, clawing my toes while walking and even resorting to putting tissue paper underneath my toes I have finally taken the hint that these are just a little too big for me :sad: So they are going on eBay to try recover some money and buy another pair :sad: Although not sure how well they will sell now that they are worn.. but I do have the red soles from eBay coming and have mentioned that in my listing... oh dear not a good experience of my first pair :sad: